SlingPlayer Mobile Clients Get an Update

SlingPlayer Mobile has announced updates for their clients on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 smartphones. The new SlingPlayer client adds support for additional handsets including the Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung i750 and Treo 500v, among others. The new clients support Sling’s newly released set-top boxes as well.

SlingPlayer Mobile is a mobile extension of the SlingPlayer service; it allows users to view content from and control their home television from their mobile phone. The upgrade to the new version is free if you already own SlingPlayer Mobile, otherwise the client can be had for a $30.

Turn Your Gadgets Into Work Tools: Windows Mobile Professional

One of the best things about being a web worker is that you don’t have to sit at a desk to be productive. The always-on, always-connected nature of cell phones have revolutionized mobile working, and other portable technology like Blackberrys, thumb drives, laptops and UMPCs have given us the flexibility to work wherever we can get an Internet connection.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be covering the different gadgets you can use to get work done on the road and the software and services for maximizing their effectiveness.

Many functions that are a staple of web working, including email, Web browsing and VoIP, are all accessible on a mobile device, but the best tools for the task aren’t usually installed out of the box.

First cab off the rank is Windows Mobile 6 Professional, a powerful mobile platform that’s made all the more effective with some well-chosen software.

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HP has high expectations for their sub-notebook: 2 million ordered

Hp_2133_umpcWe weren’t kidding when we said that 2008 will be the year of small inexpensive computers. According to DigiTimes, the OEMs in Taiwan are predicting up to 13 million units produced in the space this year. Out of those numbers, HP has apparently contracted Wistron to make 2 million units of the HP 2133, the 8.9-inch, low-cost sub-notebook that we’ve been been hearing about for the past week or so. Now what’s been contracted for vs. what’s actually going to be produced and sold could change, but the number is staggering. To put it in comparison: the original Samsung Q1 UMPC series has sold a few hundred-thousand units in the past two years. One other tidbit in case you were wondering: DigiTimes shows that the HP unit will have a traditional hard drive only, so folks holding out for SSD might be left wanting for more. I was thinking that HP might consider a low-capacity flash storage model similar to the Asus Eee PC, but it doesn’t appear so at this point.

Skype On the Go

One of the most common requests made by Skype users is “How can I access Skype from my mobile device?” Skype user needs on mobile are different — but it is the data protocols and data plans that place the final limitation on migrating a VoIP client to mobile.