IDC thinks WP7 will soar to No. 2 by 2015. Really?

Research firm IDC reiterated that it expects Windows Phone 7 to soar to number two by 2015 with 20 percent of the market, trailing only Android. But with the market moving so fast and competition so fierce, predictions like this seem premature.

I’ve Got the Whole World (Cup) in My Hands!

The always exciting World Cup kicks off today and I’m using a free mobile application from to keep track of it all. While I’d rather watch streaming video of the matches, this software gives me a quick fix and runs on most major mobile platforms.

Mobile Tech Manor #92: Is That an EVO in Your Pocket?

Many gadgets come through Mobile Tech Manor for review; it’s a big part of my week. I now own the HTC EVO 4G that was released a week ago, and this week has been once of exploration and adopting it into my routine.

Why LG Is Enlisting In the Android Army

LG Electronics hopes to turn around profits in its mobile communications division by building 20 new Google Android devices by the end of this year. Last year, LGE was vocally committed to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. My, how one year can change everything.

Bing for Windows Mobile Gains Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions

Windows Phone 7 is due out by the holiday season, but Microsoft (s msft) isn’t allowing Windows Mobile 6.x to wither away like a raisin in the sun. Today, the Bing team announced new turn-by-turn directions from Microsoft’s Tellme unit, but only on three U.S. carriers.

Microsoft Aims New Kin Handsets at Twittering Teens

Microsoft today launched its Kin line of handsets — web-enabled touchscreen phones built around social networking features, messaging, video sharing and the company’s Zune music offering. The new line is aimed squarely at the pre-smartphone demographic — a group that few competitors are targeting.

iPad Accessories Series: Case Roundup

Our iPad Accessories Series focuses on cases for the iPad. Case manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork almost hourly; we’ve gathered up the best at the time of publication. The cases run the gamut from simple cloth bags to expensive leather covers for your precious.

Why the OS Is Hot at CTIA — and What It Means

The mobile industry has gathered in Las Vegas for CTIA, its annual dog-and-pony show featuring the latest handsets and technology. This year’s show is all about the mobile operating system, as evidenced by the first wave of announcements out this morning. Here’s what they mean.

Smartphone Picture at a Glance

It is no secret I love infographics, those charts that tell an entire story using pictures. So much information can be conveyed using the right combination of charts and figures. GigaOM has another great infographic that tells the story of the smartphone market at a glance.