Windows RT slate makers: the good, the not so bad and the ugly

Microsoft announced four initial hardware partners for the first Windows RT slates. Of the four, two have some solid tablet experience while another showed promise with early smartbook designs. The last one, however, is a dark horse, as it has limited success with consumer electronics devices.

Microsoft Surface: a new tablet and a bold strategy

Microsoft did what many would consider unthinkable by introducing Surface, a slick 10.6-inch tablet with two different models designed and built by Microsoft. There’s a key strategic difference, however: Surface tablets place Microsoft in direct competition with its licensees for both tablets and PCs.

Poll: If Microsoft builds its own tablet, will you buy it?

Speculation has begun that Microsoft will launch its own tablet device on Monday, but will it be a full computer or a consumer device? No matter what’s announced, it could have implications regarding Windows partnerships and the public’s desire, or lack thereof, to buy Microsoft hardware.