Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most vital launch in years

Years have gone by since Microsoft launched a version of Windows that made the general public stand up and take notice. On Wednesday, the company will allow tech enthusiasts to start poking around Windows 8, a product that could help Microsoft get its groove back.

Windows 7 Will Throw Down, But Not Just Yet

The Windows 7 trumpets are blasting with gusto, with Steve Felice, president of the small and medium-sized business (SMB) division of Dell (s dell), claiming that Microsoft’s (s MSFT) new operating system is fueling a surge in demand for PCs, according to Computerworld.  “As soon as Oct. 22 hit, both our consumer business and our SMB business had a very healthy increase in demand,” Felice is quoted as saying. Meanwhile, David Coursey reports that with Vista on the sidelines and a well-reviewed new OS, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “has a new ‘f’ word” to describe Windows: ‘Fantastic.'”
These comments fall in line with recent lofty predictions from Dell founder Michael Dell about Windows 7 driving the PC market forward. But is that, in fact, true? Moreover, is it not still too early to measure the operating system’s success? Read More about Windows 7 Will Throw Down, But Not Just Yet

Windows 7 RC Available: Why You Should Upgrade From XP

logo_windowsFirst released in 2001, Windows XP is now somewhat of a dinosaur, yet because Vista never really caught on, it’s the OS that’s installed on most PCs. Today Microsoft (s msft) made the Release Candidate (RC) of Windows 7, the newest version of the OS, available to download.

If, like me, you stuck it out with XP and skipped Vista, you should consider upgrading. As Martin Brinkmann at gHacks explains, Windows 7 greatly improves on XP in several key areas: Read More about Windows 7 RC Available: Why You Should Upgrade From XP

7 Tools To Make Your WinXP Netbook Shine

Netbooks are hot sellers, even in a down economy, due to their low price compared to other laptops, and a lot of consumers are picking up netbooks with Windows XP. Even though it’s getting a little long in the tooth, it runs them just fine. The advantage that netbooks have in running Windows XP is that it’s a mature operating system, and as such there are a lot of useful free utilities that can make for a productive environment. Read More about 7 Tools To Make Your WinXP Netbook Shine

The Zombies Are After Our iPhones

If you’re a security company like Radware, it’s your job to find and create patches for vulnerabilities, but it’s also your job to poke and prod in the hopes of finding some newsworthy exploit to get your firm’s name in the paper. Radware struck media gold with its findings of a vulnerability in the iPhone browser. According to Radware, the iPhone Safari browser version 1.1.4. is vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack after a user clicks through spam email or spam texts that could crash the browser or the phone.