White spaces are a go! (at least in Wilmington)

Ignoring the threats by Congress to kill off white spaces, the Federal Communications Commission has approved commercial operations of the first networks and devices to tap into the airwave gaps between TV broadcasts, potentially setting off a new revolution in ‘Super Wi-Fi’ services.

With 38 frequency flavors, LTE won’t unify 4G

Next-generation LTE mobile broadband networks won’t unify global communications anytime soon, if ever. A new Wireless Intelligence report published Friday estimates more than 200 LTE networks will have launched around the world by 2015. That’s great news, but they’ll use 38 different frequencies. Fragmentation, anyone?

By 2016, 35 percent of the world will have LTE

Ericsson says today only 35 percent of the world’s population has WCDMA/HSPA coverage, and this number is expected to grow to 80 percent in 2016. And similarly the expected the population coverage of LTE will increase from today’s 2 percent to 35 percent in 2016

Android data-thirst impacts operator bottom line

How much impact does Android’s data thirst have on carriers? Sprint said it expects to get 50 percent more lifetime value from iPhone users over other smartphone users because of the network efficiency of iPhones. That suggests that Androids are putting significant strain on mobile networks.

FCC questions AT&T on T-Mo claims

The Federal Communications Commission has joined those questioning Ma Bell about its stated benefits of its purchase of T-Mobile. The agency on Thursday sent AT&t letter inquiring about the number of jobs AT&T said would be created by the merger.

AT&T shows more free Wi-Fi love to NYC parks

AT&T announced on Tuesday it’s extending free Wi-Fi to five more New York parks, part of the plan to bring Wi-Fi to 20 parks spread throughout the five boroughs of New York. Free Wi-Fi isn’t just good will; it’s a helpful tool in relieving cellular networks.

AT&T’s LTE network in the real world

That spectrum shortage isn’t stopping AT&T’s newly launched LTE network for delivering some smoking speeds according to tests out from Signals Research this weekend. AT&T, which launched LTE in in five cities Sunday, delivered LTE speeds averaging 23.6 Mbps down and 15.2 Mbps up.

6B mobile connections by the end of 2011. Wow!

The total number of global mobile connections are going to go past the 6 billion mark by the end of 2011 according to Wireless Intelligence, the research arm of trade group, GSMA. It is forecasting about 6.07 billion connections by end of the year.

When it comes to 3G, Sweden’s got itself covered.

The land of Ericsson, Volvo and Kurt Wallander has a new feather in its cap — it is now the country where 99.6% of the country’s population has access to 3G wireless broadband coverage, according to a report by the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS.)

A trip down (CDMA) mobile phone memory lane

Some of us who covered wireless in the early days remember the Qualcomm van, the big bulky CDMA phones, Globestar and more. They are now sitting in a small museum at their headquarters. Here are some photos to take you down memory lane.