Wireless charging platform Qi lands its second automaker

Ssangyong may not have the global name recognition of the Wireless Power Consortium’s first automotive partner Toyota, but adding the Korean automaker to Qi’s roster shows the technology is building momentum.

2013 Toyota Avalon jump-starts wireless phone charging in cars

Toyota’s 2013 Avalon Limited has an integrated charging pad that fills up a phone battery simply by placing the device on the pad. Hopefully, other car manufacturers follow and this jump-starts a wireless power movemet because the scenario is perfect for charging without wires

Nokia’s Lumia transition is complete. Will it pay off?

With new Lumia handsets, Nokia’s transition plan is effectively complete. While the company worked hard to get here — and it shows in the new hardware and software — the road ahead is still long as Nokia asks consumers to switch away from iOS and Android.

Can Apple drive wireless power to the masses?

Pike Research, in a new report, forecasts the wireless market to triple in size from $4.9 billion in 2012 to $15.1 billion in 2020. And that’s not considering the impact of Apple, which just received a patent for an inductive charging dock late last month.

Oh, no: not another wireless-charging group!

Wireless charging sounds great: Drop your gadget on a little mat, which itself is plugged into an outlet, and your phone or MP3 player sits there and charges away. But the industry can’t agree on standards, and on Monday a new wireless charging group was formed.

Will Apple dump the iPhone’s aging 30-pin connector?

The 30-pin dock connector featured on every iPhone and iPad ever sold by Apple, as well as a huge number of iPods, may be headed for history’s dustbin. Apple is reportedly considering a move to a smaller connector on the next iPhone.

Finally, Wireless Phone Charging Gets Easier

Thanks to the new Qi standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, it’s easier to charge mobile devices simply by laying them on a pad. But who wants a wireless charging case for each different device? Energizer’s new universal adapter should solve that problem.

WiTricity Lands Delphi as Wireless Car Charging Partner

MIT spinout WiTricity wants to make charging electric vehicles plug-free, by simply parking them on top of wireless charging systems set into garages or parking spots — and it has landed auto parts giant Delphi as a partner.