What Greener Gadgets of the Future Will Look Like

Slick, efficient and wireless — that’s the focus of an upcoming generation of greener gadget designs on display at this year’s CEATEC, the consumer electronics show in Japan. As Pedro Hernandez notes this morning over on GigaOM Pro (our subscription-only research service), exhibitors in the event’s Green IT Pavilion are showing off a range of prototypes for gadgets that do more with less electricity.

In an encouraging sign for the 22 percent of consumers who care enough about the environmental impact of their electronics purchases that they’re willing to pay a premium on greener gadgets, the Green IT section is three times larger at CEATEC than it was last year. Read More about What Greener Gadgets of the Future Will Look Like

CEATAC Offers a Glimpse of Greener Gadgets to Come

This year at CEATEC, Japan’s consumer electronics trade show, 3-D displays and Toshiba’s time-shifting, Cell chip-based LCD television are generating all the buzz. But what about green electronics?

Officially, the theme of this year’s gathering is “Digital Convergence — Defining the Shape of Our Future.” Unofficially, there’s a strong undercurrent of energy-efficient innovation that electronics makers are harnessing and pouring into products that will soon end up in consumers’ hands.

Wireless Charging: Making the Leap from Gadgets to Cars

Wireless charging: the Palm Pre, electric toothbrushes and artificial hearts have it. But what would it take for the technology, which uses electromagnetic fields to charge devices without a plug, to make the leap from juicing up small, handheld electronics, to recharging electric cars on the go — and how important is the innovation for mass adoption of plug-in vehicles?


Nissan (s NSANY), for one, thinks wireless, or inductive charging for electric vehicles represents more than a Jetsons-esque concept for the future. This week the Japan-based automaker told the UK Guardian that it has already worked wireless charging into the design for its all-electric Zero Emission Vehicle, or ZEV, set to be unveiled early next month with “a unique body style on an all-new vehicle platform” (the model pictured above is a prototype). Read More about Wireless Charging: Making the Leap from Gadgets to Cars