3 UK firms that sound boring but make some cool mobile tech

Psion, Mesaplexx and Nujira live in the guts of the phone and on the fringes of the network. While filters, amplifiers and ruggedized devices may not sound like exciting stuff, all three of these U.K. companies are innovating in mobile in ways you should know about.

Why Super Bowl 46 will have super connectivity

Super Bowl 46 is around the corner, and Verizon is taking huge steps to ensure the mobile broadband flows as fast the beer at Lucas Oil Stadium. Here’s a video look at the effort, which includes a 600 antenna Wi-Fi system for up to 28,000 people.

With Picochip, Mindspeed buys big into a small market

Networking silicon vendor Mindspeed aims to become a big player in wireless infrastructure in a very small way. It is purchasing femtocell system-on-a-chip (SoC) maker Picochip for $51.8 million, creating what Mindspeed hopes will be a powerhouse in the so-far disappointing miniature base station market.