GigaOm Interview: CEO Hans Vestberg on the future of Ericsson

You don’t make the decision to wind down a 130-year-old business without a little bit of angst, said Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, reflecting on his company’s decision to end a joint partnership with Sony last year in a GigaOM interview Tuesday.

Mobile video’s future threatened by bad reception

While the demand for video on mobile devices may be there, monetizing that demand depends on being able to deliver video over wireless networks efficiently and economically enough to allow scalable business models to emerge. For now, though, and even for the medium-term future, bandwidth constraints impose limits not just on data consumption but on monetization strategies for premium video.

Cool idea: Communal broadband

A Boston company called NetBlazr wants to offer businesses free access to a communal broadband network if a user pays for about $300 in equipment and then turns over the management of that gear to NetBlazr so it can continue building the network.

Is Your Data Plan Subsidizing Other Smartphone Users?

The number of U.S. smartphone users is on the rise: 29.4 percent of Americans have one says comScore. Oddly, the amount of people using smartphones for data-intensive activities is very low, indicating that new smartphone owners are paying for the networks that tech-savvy people are using.

Today in Connected Consumer

More signs of the coming wireless bandwidth apocalypse: A new survey shows that consumers are increasingly keen to watch video content on mobile devices, especially those in the 18-29 demo. That’s going to put even more strain on already groaning wireless networks, and probably cause AT&T to whine even more about iPhone users hogging bandwidth. Meanwhile, Apple wants to increase mobile music and video consumption by shifting iTunes to the cloud. It’s probably also looking for another iPhone wireless partner.

Today in Mobile

The FCC today outlined a framework for both fixed-line and mobile network operators in an effort to prevent discrimination against traffic on their networks. Chairman Julius Genachowski expanded on 4-year-old network-neutrality principles, adding six new guidelines and suggesting all the principles become formal rule and apply to both wireline and wireless networks. Expect plenty of push-back from the carriers as Genachowski’s initiatives move forward, expect to hear plenty from the net-neutrality crowd in the coming weeks.