Samsung invests $4M in wireless charging company PowerbyProxi

Are we finally inching closer to a wireless charging standard? Perhaps, now that Samsung has invested in PowerbyProxi. The company is working on support for spatial freedom and multiple device support in the Qi standard, something already offered by the A4WP group.

Zap! 8.5 million devices support Qi’s wireless charging

Wireless charging of phones and tablets is up in a big way: The number of devices supporting this feature has doubled in the last 7 months alone, according to the Wireless Power Consortium. Helping is the Qi standard, but I have another idea to advance growth.

Oh, no: not another wireless-charging group!

Wireless charging sounds great: Drop your gadget on a little mat, which itself is plugged into an outlet, and your phone or MP3 player sits there and charges away. But the industry can’t agree on standards, and on Monday a new wireless charging group was formed.

WiTricity Lands Delphi as Wireless Car Charging Partner

MIT spinout WiTricity wants to make charging electric vehicles plug-free, by simply parking them on top of wireless charging systems set into garages or parking spots — and it has landed auto parts giant Delphi as a partner.