Wireless Phone Charging — Worth $50

Wireless charging — the ability to toss your cell phone on your table and have it charge without a plug — has for years failed to reach its disruptive potential. But consumers are willing to pay a high price, around $50, for the perk, according to a new report.

WiTricity Lands Delphi as Wireless Car Charging Partner

MIT spinout WiTricity wants to make charging electric vehicles plug-free, by simply parking them on top of wireless charging systems set into garages or parking spots — and it has landed auto parts giant Delphi as a partner.

CEATAC Offers a Glimpse of Greener Gadgets to Come

This year at CEATEC, Japan’s consumer electronics trade show, 3-D displays and Toshiba’s time-shifting, Cell chip-based LCD television are generating all the buzz. But what about green electronics?

Officially, the theme of this year’s gathering is “Digital Convergence — Defining the Shape of Our Future.” Unofficially, there’s a strong undercurrent of energy-efficient innovation that electronics makers are harnessing and pouring into products that will soon end up in consumers’ hands.

10 Things to Know About Wireless Power

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The hype cycle around wireless power has been gathering a charge ever since Intel (s intc) wowed folks at its IDF conference last year with a demo of wireless charging. Then over the summer, a TED video surfaced with a similar demo, starring the CEO of WiTricity. And this week we saw Dell (s dell) launch a notebook with wireless charging and Nokia (s NOK) join a new industry consortium dedicated to wireless power. But like other aspects of the wireless world, there are a lot of differences, issues and things that average outlet-avoiding consumer needs to know. Here they are: Read More about 10 Things to Know About Wireless Power