NSN sells wireline business to Adtran. Here is why.

Nokia Siemens Networks said it will sell its wireline broadband assets to ADTRAN for an undisclosed amount. The deal is the second in as many months for NSN, which had previously been hoping to find a buyer for the whole business.

Net neutrality and the value of the Internet

Verizon filed its second suit against the network neutrality laws today, sparking more debate over who can determine how content traverses the Internet. Meanwhile, a paper suggests that the Internet delivers up to $5,686 in economic value, and says that value is at risk.

What utilities tell us about work and mobile broadband

Utilities will spend $3.2 billion this year in telecommunications services, but only a third is related to smart meters. A growing proportion will pay for mobile broadband for workers as part of a wider shift to thinking mobile broadband access is essential for productivity.

Cool idea: Communal broadband

A Boston company called NetBlazr wants to offer businesses free access to a communal broadband network if a user pays for about $300 in equipment and then turns over the management of that gear to NetBlazr so it can continue building the network.

The five levels of ISP evil

Recent allegations of ISPs hijacking search traffic are just the tip of the iceberg. Dane Jasper, CEO of ISP Sonic.net offers his “quick guide to the five levels of ISP evil” and explains just how low some ISPs will go.

If you can’t trust your ISP, who can you trust?

ISPs have been exposed as hijacking the search traffic that some of their customers have tried to type into Yahoo and Bing search engines, and now the backlash begins. Now companies involved in the scheme has been hit with a lawsuit and may face Congress.

Oh no he didn’t: AT&T’s CEO calls DSL obsolete

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke Tuesday at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners summer meeting in Los Angeles, where he called DSL “obsolete.” Since AT&T still provides and profits from DSL, this is a surprising admission.

Nokia Siemens is up against the wall

Nokia Siemens Networks, the telecommunications gear joint venture, is running out of options. The Wall Street Journal reported that the companies couldn’t find a private equity buyer for the gear maker and that the companies were thinking of putting more money into the entity.

AT&T CEO Sings the Same Old Song: All We Need Is T-Mo

The most pressing need for broadband providers in the U.S. is spectrum to enable the mobile ecosystem said AT&T’s CEO and chairman speaking at a conference. He also replayed his talking points on why AT&T must buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. At least he’s consistent.