ClickFree: simply plug it in and back up your PC

Clickfree_thumbCan’t say I’ve used a ClickFree external backup solution myself, but Dwight Silverman gave it a go over the weekend. It appears to be as easy as possible: simply connect the external USB drive and it backs up the most common data files. No muss, no fuss as there’s clearly software included on the drive to handle the process. You can certainly specify file types if you find that some of your data files aren’t considered “common” to the ClickFree and you can use it to back up multiple PCs.Obviously, you’ll have to remember to actually plug the device in as that’s the only time a backup actually occurs. And yes, there are plenty of other backup options out there, both physical as well as through web services. You can also create a similar experience with any external drive and appropriate software. Still, I got the impression from Dwight’s experience that ClickFree offers a simple and portable solution that’s worth a look, especially for mainstream computer users. The 120 GB model he reviewed goes for around $150 and requires no external power supply, making it good for those on the run.

Zoho Writer Lets You Edit Documents Offline

Zoho Writer logoToday web-based word processor Zoho Writer moves further into Microsoft Word’s territory with the announcement of offline editing capabilities. Zoho enabled offline read-only review of documents in August.
With features like this, Zoho’s office apps might someday entirely replace Microsoft Office in the toolbox of many web workers. But other online word processors take what looks like a complementary approach. For example, recently-announced Live Documents integrates web-based editing and collaboration with Microsoft Office using an “embrace and extend” strategy. And Google Docs, at least for now, serves mainly for real-time collaborative editing of lightweight online documents.
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Horror, the Next Big Web Video Genre?

Oh, the horror. Hollywood, having just begun to grudgingly accept online video dramas like Prom Queen, is now facing an influx of slasher flicks and gorefest vids on the computer screen.

fearnet.jpgI’m not sure why anyone would want to watch horror videos on their computer — it’s hard to snuggle in this Aeron, I’ve tried — but Hollywood and a few vidshare sites are intrigued. Below, four new horror films coming to a desktop near you.

Devil’s Trade — Spider-Man director Sam Raimi, best known to horror fans as the director of the Evil Dead series, is the executive producer of FEARNet’s Devil’s Trade, a series of seven short episodes that follow three teenagers who are cursed after buying an item online. The first episode debuted Thursday, and the miniseries is Raimi’s first work following Spider-Man 3. FEARNet is a Comcast property.

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Fixed Wireless: Like Viagra for DSL

I argued about Fixed Wireless as backhaul business yesterday and also had pointed to BellSouth buying fixed wireless spectrum from MCI for about $65 million. Today Glenn provides proof.

bq. BellSouth is starting a new trial of broadband wireless in Palatka, Florida: The company is still leveraging its expensive wire base, but it’s conducted ongoing tests of broadband fixed wireless as a way to reach customers beyond the range of DSL. via 802.11b Networking News