What’s the right social cocktail for you?

The largest companies in the world are in process of figuring out how they can incorporate public social conversations into their daily business operations. Chris Moody from social media data company Gnip explains why social media for your company is not a one-size-fits-all.

My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too

It was ten years ago I started blogging in earnest. In the years since, what started as a e-blotter turned into a startup. What was a one-man operation is now a collective effort of many talented people. Here are some reflections, lessons learned and stats too.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg to speak at RoadMap

Matt Mullenweg, who created the Wordpress blogging platform and co-founded a spinoff called Automattic, says he is committed to supporting the open-source movement because he and Wordpress have benefited from it so much. Matt will be speaking about this and other topics at GigaOM’s RoadMap conference.

The competitive prospects of Google+

GigaOM conducted a survey over the Fourth of July weekend of GigaOM readers regarding Google+’s chances for success, its competitive weapons and its likely impact on the competitive social media environment. Here’s a snippet of what we discovered about the prospects for Google’s latest social venture.

Create a seamless workspace for greater productivity

Our “workspace” is no longer just an office, it’s come to mean the entirety of how we get our work done. We need a seamless workspace to focus on our work; our tools and practices should allow us to flow from activity to activity.

TokBox Brings Group Video Chat to WordPress Blogs

WordPress bloggers can now embed video chats right into their sites, thanks to a new plug-in from Bay Area-based video chat specialist TokBox. The plug-in is geared towards media sites, making it possible to host talkshows and one-on-one interviews in front of a larger audience.

Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead

A New York Times story says that blogging is on the decline, especially among young people, who are using social networks like Facebook instead. But blogging is arguably still growing rapidly — it’s just that the form it is taking is evolving in different ways.

Hosted Community App Vanilla Forums Now Embeddable

Vanilla Forums, which I wrote about last year, has added several new features. Notably, forums can now be embedded in other website using simple JavaScript code. The embedded forums can use your site’s theme and CSS, or can use one of the many Vanilla themes.

Blogging on the iPad: A Sad State of Affairs

When I was tasked to write a roundup of iPad blogging apps, I figured this would be the usual pros and cons of four or five apps. Instead, I found only two, one of which is specific to WordPress. Neither app made me all that happy.

Squarespace Gets $38M to Compete With WordPress and Six Apart

Squarespace, a hosted-content publishing service that competes with companies such as WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous, has closed a $38-million financing round from Accel Partners and Index Ventures. The investment — the company’s first — could ratchet up the level of competition in the online publishing industry.