Why the iPad Will Change Blogging for Me

The iPad is going to enable anywhere computing and in the process, change the very idea of computing — much the way cell phones liberated phones calls from a fixed location. And that could seriously impact how and how often I blog.

Revisiting Fluid

I first used Fluid, the site-specific browser creation tool for Mac OS X, a long time ago. But I didn’t find it compelling enough to integrate it into my daily life, in part because virtually all of my digital life still lived on the desktop. As I personally moved more and more to the cloud, it became key.

I tend to use Fluid apps for things that I want to have open and at the ready all day. These are things I consider to be more like apps than websites, so having a separate window makes sense, if for no other reason than I can easily command-tab among applications by selecting the appropriate high-resolution logo. With Safari, Chrome and Firefox, I’m in and out of a lot of websites throughout the work day, but most are content sites, or web applications that I use once per week or less. Here are a few of the key ways I’m using Fluid today. Read More about Revisiting Fluid

WordPress Outage Takes Us and 10.2M Blogs Out for 2 Hours

As we’re hosted on WordPress.com, we were affected by an outage of their network of blogs today that’s been attributed to a core router change. The company’s 10.2 million hosted blogs were down for 110 minutes, for a projected page view loss of 5.5 million.

Weekly App Store Picks: October 31, 2009

As another week passes, the seams of Apple’s App Store have been stretched even further with a deluge of new releases. Digging through the latest apps, I’ve selected four fresh picks for you to check out.

It’s Halloween and so my top pick for this week is Alive 4-ever, a top-down zombie shooter with plenty of guts and gore to go around. I’ve also been checking out TowerMadness Zero, NASA and WordPress 2.

Alive 4-ever ($1.79)

appicon_alive_4everAs it’s Halloween, I thought that at least one of my top picks this week should be themed for the occasion. Despite the clumsy sounding name, Alive 4-Ever is a surprisingly polished top-down shooter. The plot is simple and disgustingly cliché: for whatever reason, a zombie apocalypse happens, you take to the streets to rescue other survivors.

The game takes its inspiration from some of the best zombie titles out there, including Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead. There’s a battalion’s worth of weaponry on offer, including zombie-slaying classics like the AK-47. Plus, if you’re after more firepower you’re able to purchase bigger, stronger, faster guns in the shop after each level.

There’s also a Bluetooth multiplayer mode, allowing you to jump into the action with three other friends. Alongside guns, zombies and survivors, the game throws in experience points too. Completing a stage earns experience points, these precious points go towards upgrading your character. In effect, you’re able to become the ultimate undead-destroying warrior.
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Rant: Rumors of the Death of Web Series Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Break A Leg creator Yuri Baranovsky posted a provoking piece on his blog on Wednesday called Let’s Save the Web Series. It’s a thoughtful look at the current state of web content, one that echoes some recent thoughts from our own Chris Albrecht, but it’s driven by the following sentiment: “It seems to me that we’ve finally dropped the act and now just think that the whole damn genre is failing.”
To be blunt, it sounds like Baranovsky doesn’t get out much. If he did, he’d be in touch with the new generation of web series creators, who are playing with their cameras, trying new things and making new deals. There is so much happening here that, frankly, we can’t cover it all. But heaven help us, we’re trying. Because we are watching the new stuff. And each new great show is another reason not to give up.
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