Short takes: Giggem, Podio Video, Hangouts Voice Calling

There are a lot of product announcements that I learn about that are interesting but don’t warrant a full post. I am going to queue these up and every few days or so I’ll post a collation of short takes.

Giggem is a self-described “matchmaking tool for all musicians and music industry professionals to meet and connect for improving their music career.” Another placeform, in this case a social platform making a marketplace for musicians to connect with each other and with songwriters, managers, labels, and fans.

Citrix announced immediate availability of 1:1 video integrated within Podio, the company’s “social collaboration/project management platform” (or what I more concisely call work management). It is built into Podio Chat in an intuitive way. This also supports integration with GoToMeeting¬†for group conferencing. Here’s my wife, Sarah, conferencing with me. (She’s a heavy Podio user.)
podio video

Google has brought back voice calling, formerly available via Google Voice, but now integrated within Hangouts, according to the official Google Blog. (I was one of the many folks unhappy about losing that capability.)