Detained by U.S. Customs: Some thoughts about the future of work

Being detained by U.S. Customs on my way to San Francisco for a conference on the future of work got me thinking about way that many people work now has changed in ways that make the job of governments — and border agents — a lot more complicated.

Workspace feeling cramped? Blame broadband.

Flexible office locations and teleworking reduce the need for as many square feet per employee according to a real estate broker that specializes in flexible work space. But along with gains in productivity, such flexibility comes with potential costs if an employee doesn’t fit in.

Social media, multi-tasking & ending billable hours

Thanks to the web and social media, interruptions have become not just a way of life, but a way to work according to data out from Cisco. We’re conducting more work in smaller increments, but why are we still using the billable hour?

Do we need defined hours of work any more?

Are defined hours of work an anachronism that’s holding us back from becoming more efficient? Or is the freedom to work whenever we want something still reserved for a select few, and/or a trap that causes us to work more rather than less?

In business, the iPad is for bigwigs and shot-callers

The iPad’s assault on the enterprise definitely appears to be a top-down phenomenon, according to a new report, with most users of one popular business app holding management positions. The report also suggests the iPad may be a means to extend the work week

4 tips (and a hack) to make your iPad work-worthy

I have to admit, I’m still not convinced that the iPad will be my laptop replacement. However, with the help of the Apple wireless keyboard and some other peripherals and apps, it can come close. Here are some tips to make your iPad work-worthy:

LinkedIn’s Digital Resume and the World of Work

The IPO of LinkedIn is probably the most significant web stock issue since Google, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on LinkedIn’s impact on the world of work. LinkedIn’s “digital resume” has become an important tool for connecting job seekers and employers

The Gamification of Work

I recently interviewed Daniel Debow, the co-CEO of enterprise social software company Rypple. During our conversation, we discussed the game-like constructs built into the Rypple software, like the concept of rewarding people with “badges” for giving recognition and building reputation within a company.

The Future of Work Means Rewiring Your Company

It isn’t just the nature of work that is changing thanks to the web and a generation of increasingly mobile and inter-connected workers, says John Hagel, co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge — it’s the entire way in which many companies operate.

The “Human Cloud” and the Future of Work

The biggest change in work, is a move toward what we call “the human cloud.” In the same way that broadband disrupted the IT market, creating a “cloud” of web-enabled infrastructure, the human cloud is shorthand for how the web has disrupted the way we work.