Is Self-handicapping Taking Over Your Work?

Self-handicapping is finding excuses and obstacles that explain why we’re not responsible for our mistakes, failures, or poor performance. Most of us start experiencing it as students, but the habit also tends to stay with us even when we turn into capable professionals.

Will Startups Get Squeezed by a Tech Hiring Binge?

There’s a wave of hiring taking place in Silicon Valley, with tech companies adding staff by the hundreds or even thousands. That’s good for the technology sector, and it’s good news if you’re unemployed. But it could make life even harder for plenty of struggling startups.

Yawn… Don’t Let Boring Work Get You Down

We’ve all experienced times of boredom in our work. Maybe you’ve been doing the same work for too long, whether it’s a corporate job or just the same types of client projects over a long period of time. Whether you are a freelancer working on client projects or someone working in a corporate environment, you can let it get to you and succumb to the boredom, or you can find ways to snap yourself out of it. Read More about Yawn… Don’t Let Boring Work Get You Down

The Apple Tablet: What It Needs to Be Useful for Web Working

I’m excited about the much-discussed Apple tablet, which is expected to be unveiled next week. I would be excited if Apple (s aapl) was releasing a new device that only provided me with a painful electric shock every hour on the hour, frankly. That said, once I get past my natural inclination towards what Cupertino does, I’m a little skeptical about how much I’ll actually be able to use the device I will most certainly buy.

How to Combat the Winter Work Lull

Before anyone says anything, I fully realize the irony in this being my first post here at WWD in quite a while. And that’s part of this story. If you’re reading this from southern Australia, you may not appreciate how mind-numbing the depths of a true winter season can be. I’m staring out my window right now at the snowstorm currently going on in the -5°F weather, trying to convince myself that no, I cannot in fact survive another day without going to the grocery store.

During those long months, when you can’t remember what the sun looks like and are slightly surprised at its appearance in films and on television, productivity can take a major nosedive, along with mood and attitude. As a long veteran of Canadian winters, I like to think that I’m prepared for the changes that major weather upheavals can cause in a person, but I never cease to be shocked by the strength of the effects. Accordingly, I’ve put together a list of ways to either get over — or work through — the funk.  Read More about How to Combat the Winter Work Lull

Does the Distinction Between Online and Offline Still Matter?

I’m old enough to remember when being at home meant that you were off work. There was no logging in from home to check your mail. (If you wanted your mail, you had to drive into the office to pick it up.) Computers were big boxes that sat under your desk, not something you carried back and forth between home and the office with ease. Occasionally, you might bring home paperwork or something that you needed to read, but the constant connection to work was rare. Being online was something that I associated more with work than recreation, and it required conscious thought and effort.

Now, my phone has more processing power than my first work computer, and I am always connected. This connection isn’t just for work, or even for productivity. I rely on being connected for many routine personal tasks: dictionary, looking up random facts, amusement, recipes, etc. I jump back and forth seamlessly and no longer really think of it as being online or offline. I take it for granted that I can always be connected on a moment’s notice. Read More about Does the Distinction Between Online and Offline Still Matter?

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation, and How You Can Spend Yours

I admit that I may be painting myself as a bit of an odd duck here, but I’m the type of person who purposely avoids taking transit during peak hours, going grocery shopping when most others do, hitting the gym during busy times and just generally avoiding rush hours, crowds and mobs. So much so that my entire schedule, including holidays, is designed around the idea.

The notion may seem anti-social, but in fact I think it has more to do with an evolutionary principle. If I seek out things that I need or run errands when there are less people about, there will be less competition for available resources, and I won’t be nearly as stressed out as I might otherwise be. Obviously, because of work schedules not everyone has the ability to do this, but it’s one of the major advantages of working from home.

While the Cat’s Away, the Mouse Will Work Read More about How I Spent My Christmas Vacation, and How You Can Spend Yours

Web Worker Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’ve been a web worker for a while or are just starting out, we’ve provided many tips for preparing and managing your online career. We’ve covered 10 ways to make money online and 10 more ways to make money online. We’ve also shared in-depth information on different web working careers, which are all included here plus a few more. These are businesses and careers you can do from, anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

You may not want to do one of the obvious web worker jobs such as being a writer or virtual assistant. Maybe something in this list will resonate with you. Read More about Web Worker Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

Web Worker Careers: Video Production and Editing

Video Editing ConsoleJust about every organization can use video to tell its story. Video producers tell that story by creating a product that entertains, educates, informs, promotes, captures or markets.

While video production may involve location-specific elements where you need to go out to capture visuals and sounds, you can still make it a career where you can work anywhere you want.

Is video production the career for you? Read More about Web Worker Careers: Video Production and Editing