Three webcasts you don’t want to miss this month

Microsoft_logoMark your calendars and set those reminders now: there are three mobile technology webcasts geared towards UMPCs and Tablet PCs that you don’t want to miss this month. They’re all scheduled for the same time of day, so why not save a few steps and make a recurring appointment for the next three Monday mornings at 10am PDT? Here’s the skinny:

Microsoft Math looks great for students and folks that need a scientific calculator with ink or touch support. We’ve covered the Origami Experience in detail before and you can get a video overview right here. Not so  sure that folks will be happy to see the MS Reader section of the ‘cast as the latest version is still only available as part of the OE. InScribe is another app that we’ve run through previously and as a free text-entry system for UMPCs, it’s a winner.

How do I deal with a troublesome board member?

_Naturally, this is a question most founders would just as soon not have attributed to them. I agreed to post it on one person’s behalf._

*How do I deal with board member whose priorities seem to be diverging from mine and my co-founder’s at a critical time in the startup’s life?*

My co-founder and I have our hands full dealing with things like a) a product upgrade and b) a big sales push to get us over the hump. It’s a critical time for the business, and we’re pusing our team really hard. We’re confident that this will work, but we have a particularly difficult board member who doesn’t seem to share our attitude.

We’re not sure why, but nothing seems sufficient to meet his expectations for revenue (some of which I feel may be unreasonable for a young startup). We hear the word “results” a lot. I am beginning to fear that his attitude might have more to do with his own investment portfolio (need for an exit?), and less to do with our company. More pressing: we worry that his attitude, or lack of patience, will taint others on our board — insecurity breeds insecurity, and after a certain point, I’ve observed that many investors will opt for unloading a startup that represents a troublesome situation. (Ditto for a founder who represents same.)

The director is a well-connected investor, so we can’t afford to alientate him, or anyone else. And I figure if we go head-to-head with him we’ll lose. (Money talks.) So short of fostering more confrontation/conflict before the board, what can we do? The more time we spend assuaging his concerns, the less time we have for the real work.

Homebrewed 32GB SSD drive, around $530


So you want a flash-based hard drive solution for your notebook or UMPC but you don’t want to spend four-figures to do it. No prob if your device takes a 2.5-inch IDE drive. Just nab this 44-pin Compact Flash adapter from Addonics for $30. Then, do some on-line shopping for two 16 GB Compact Flash cards; I found ’em on Amazon (affiliate link) for $249.99 each. Pop the CF cards in the adapter, replace your hard drive and you’re set. Anybody up for dropping the $530 to let us know how it performs?

(via Gizmodo)

Are you ready for GigaBit Wireless?

A whole bunch of people in Europe are tinkering with WIGWAM, delicious acronym for wireless gigabit with advanced multimedia support. Rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it! Backers include Alcatel, Diamler Chrysler, Infineon, Nokia, Siemens, Phillips… Europeans

Ten Years Later, Do We Need Streaming Radio?

Business 2.0: Online radio’s other name might as well be “irrational exuberance.” Not a day passes when I don’t come across an announcement of yet another online radio service. And I see the excitement in the media. Despite the fact that only a couple of companies — Apple (AAPL) and Napster — have had success in the online music game, everyone thinks there’s money to be made selling online tunes. In the past decade, most online radio efforts have come to naught. Why? Go to read the rest on Business 2.0 website. Also my report on Real’s new Rhapsody service, here!

Bernie Ebbers, Liar until proven..

Bernie Ebbers, the milkman-turned-telecom tycoon is likely to take a stand today in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. He is on trial on charges of conspiracy, securities fraud and making false filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission related to WorldCom, now known as MCI Inc. Wall Street Journal says that “If convicted on all nine counts he faces up to 85 years in jail, although the sentence could be much less under federal sentencing guidelines. ” The New York Times questions the wisdom of putting Bernie in front of the jurors.

Still, putting Mr. Ebbers on the stand could backfire. For now, the defense has been able to argue that Mr. Ebbers had a number of plausible reasons for not knowing about the fraud, both by introducing direct testimony and through suggestion. The defense has tried to portray Mr. Ebbers as a chief executive who was more of a strategist than an accountant, and someone who left financial details to Mr. Sullivan.

Still, it will be an interesting day in the court and I will be watching the developments quite closely.