BladeLogic founder joins VC firm, Greylock Partners

Greylock Partners, seeking more operational experience in the enterprise and cloud computing sector, named Dev Ittyhceria, an operations guy who made his name in enterprise software, as its newest partner. Ittycheria founded Bladelogic and sold it to BMC seven years later for $900 million.

IBM, Microsoft tout fat cloud progress, but proof is thin

To hear IBM and Microsoft tell it, their respective cloud strategies are coming along nicely, thank you very much. But given the hazy definitions of cloud computing and the lack of real numbers, it’s hard to tell if that really is the case.

Has SAP gotten cloud religion?

When SAP pre-announced better-than-expected earnings, there was no mention of cloud computing. But, there is a feeling that the company, as it completes its buyout of SuccessFactors and closes more Business ByDesign deals, might be able to put its reputation of cloud cluelessness behind it.

How enterprise software works in an à la carte world

Today, things tend to trickle up as far as enterprise software selection goes: Businesses are increasingly taking cues from their employees when it comes to choosing enterprise software. Many employees, now, prefer software that incorporates the social and collaborative aspects they use in their personal lives.