Uberpaper aims to kill the echo chamber of social news

Personalized algorithms and social recommendations are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to getting news, these technologies can create an echo chamber, where our existing beliefs are reflected back to us. Uberpaper, a new site from Dmitry Shapiro, wants to combat that.

iPhone Tech World Tour Announced

iPhone Tech World Tour

Apple have announced a new series of developer events aimed at those creating software for the iPhone. The event will be touring various locations in the USA, as well as Europe, Asia and India, starting with Paris and San Francisco on October 22.

Attending the event will be completely free, but Apple are warning that space is limited and requesting that those interested register early to avoid disappointment. You need to be registered as an official iPhone developer to attend (this is also free, and can be done online). According to Apple, the events will allow you to:

Learn about the tools and technologies you’ll use to create great iPhone applications, then work with the experts to optimize your code, refine your user interface, and apply the knowledge you gain from the sessions to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone application.

There are full details of the various events taking place throughout the event on the Apple site, which include Introductory Seminars, User Interface Design, Maximizing Performance and a Technical Q&A. Schedules differ slightly in non-US areas, presumably due to the varying size and scope of the events.

Interestingly, this has only been announced since the lift of the NDA ban on iPhone development. Before this, it wasn’t possible for developers to freely communicate their experience and ideas between each other (meaning that a conference dedicated to that very idea would have been impossible).

Hopefully, this new series of events and invigorated communication between developers will lead to a wave of innovative and feature-packed iPhone applications.