iPhone 4 Brings 2 Cameras and HD Video

Monday saw the unveiling of the fourth generation iPhone and with it came not one, but two new integrated cameras, both of which offer a whole host of sorely awaited, yet welcome features.

iPhone 4: FaceTime Mobile Video Conferencing

FaceTime is the name of iPhone 4’s video chatting feature, and the WWDC keynote’s coverage of the feature makes it look pretty impressive. Steve Jobs invoked the full power of his reality distortion field when he opened the FaceTime demo.

iPhone 4: Retina Display

Apple has a new display to go with all the snazzy new features of the iPhone 4. The metaphorically named “Retina Display” sports 4x the resolution (double the pixel density) to provide a noticeably crisper and more detailed image.

Apple Crams a Powerhouse Into the New iPhone 4

Inside the new iPhone 4 revealed today at WWDC is the same superfast chip architecture that powers the iPad, the A4. Alongside the A4 is a bigger battery, giving the iPhone better battery life and improved performance.

iPhone 4 Announced

Today Steve Jobs unveiled the fourth iteration of the beloved iPhone, dubbed, iPhone 4. It was, of course, the device that we’ve seen leaked in recent weeks, but there’s a lot more to this new phone than meets the eye.

iPhone 4 Design: If Looks Could Kill

Apple makes very functional tech, certainly, but it also isn’t the only company that does so. What separates Apple from the rest of the pack is its attention to aesthetics and physical design.

Photo Gallery: WWDC Line Forms 12 Hours Before Event

Apple events tend to bring out the giddy-kid-on-Christmas-eve feeling in many of us, and the lines that start at these events reflect that. Here in San Francisco, the WWDC line started no earlier than 6:30PM last night…over 15 hours before the event starts.

How Jobs Should Open His Keynote

The popular music will die down, Jobs will enter, and he’ll start with a few stats about how Apple is doing. But Jobs has an opportunity to open his keynote with one of the best lines he could ever deliver.

Photo Gallery: Apple Prepares Moscone for WWDC 2010

I stopped by after work on Friday to snap a few photos of Moscone West receiving the finishing touches of the giant three story tall Apple logo and snap photos of banners hanging inside the conference center. Unfortunately, there were no exposed banners of unannounced products.

WWDC 2010 Keynote Live Coverage

TheAppleBlog will be at the WWDC 2010 keynote providing live coverage! We’ll be providing text and photo updates both before and during the event to see if any our predictions came true.