Is Apple tapping Amazon and Microsoft to boost iCloud?

Apple appears to be getting a little help from its frenemies in getting iCloud off the ground. A series of screenshots posted at InfiniteApple indicates that iCloud may be utilizing Amazon’s cloud storage system AWS and Microsoft’s Azure cloud service to help run iMessage.

IDC thinks WP7 will soar to No. 2 by 2015. Really?

Research firm IDC reiterated that it expects Windows Phone 7 to soar to number two by 2015 with 20 percent of the market, trailing only Android. But with the market moving so fast and competition so fierce, predictions like this seem premature.

WWDC 2011: 5 Programming terms explained for non-programmers

With WWDC well underway, you might have heard a few words related to computer programming that even Mac experts have trouble understanding, but it happens to the best of us. Here’s a quick glossary of the programming terms that are probably most likely to confuse.

2011 Apple Design Award winners announced

One of the many traditions of Apple’s WWDC (s aapl) is the presentation of Apple Design Awards (ADA) for “excellence in iOS and Mac OS X app design and development.” This year, the winners include some familiar names, as well as some you probably won’t recognize.

Why iMessage won’t kill SMS

This week Apple unveiled iMessage, a feature that enables iOS users to exchange text messages and images without incurring messaging charges from their carriers. Despite headlines to the contrary, though, iMessage is not going to kill the cash cow that is SMS.

This is big: OS X Lion Update is App Store only

The next version of OS X will also be sold only through the Mac App Store. This is yet another step away from traditional media distribution as Apple will effectively be cutting out other means of software distribution like Amazon.

10 new features in OS X Lion

Today, at WWDC, after Steve Jobs took the stage to highlight some new features in OS X Lion, Phil Schiller and others walked the audience through 10 important new changes to the OS.

Mac App Store is a big success

At the WWDC Keynote on Monday, Phil Schiller went through a few facts about the success of the App Store. In the six months it has been open, the Mac App Store has become the No. 1 channel for purchasing Mac software, surpassing big retail stores.