Facebook hints at ARM server deployment too

First it was rumors of Google building ARM-based servers, and now a post on the blog dedicated to Facebook’s HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP
notes how its translation engine plays a “crucial in our efforts to get hhvm running on ARM processors.” Indeed if Facebook wants to implement ARM-based cores it will have to ensure its hhvm code runs on top of them. Facebook(s fb) has floated the idea of other architectures for years, testing Tilera chips and also deploying a board design that makes it easy to swap out processors. It’s really only a matter of time before we see a lot of ARM in places only x86 used to be.

FABulous! Intel is making ARM chips on its production line

For the last few years Intel has had a small line of business manufacturing other companies’ chips — mostly expensive custom chips for companies like Altera and Tabula. This foundry business is getting a publicity boost today as Altera said Intel will let it embed ARM-based cores in chips made on Intel’s hallowed x86 production lines. This is a big deal, not because ARM is Kryptonite to Intel, but because it could signal that Intel under its new CEO is ready to open its fab operations and make that a bigger part of its business. That’s the huge shift for Intel, not that it might make a few ARM-based chips.

Unisys taps Intel to make money off the shift from RISC to x86

Unisys, an IT vendor that makes mainframes, (s uis) said Thursday it will work with Intel (s intc) to release a Xeon-based “platform” enabling companies to quickly move from RISC architecture to x86 and run Linux, Windows and migrated Unix applications while maintaining security. The x86 architecture¬†keeps gaining ground, and Unisys wants to capitalize on it.