Game over! NSA and partners have infiltrated World of Warcraft and Xbox Live network

Are you a terrorist using virtual worlds and gaming networks to hide your communications? There’s no evidence you exist, but if you do, then be warned: according to fresh revelations in the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica, the National Security Agency and Britain’s GCHQ have for years infiltrated World of Warcraft and the Xbox(s msft) Live network. Hilariously, so many agents were knocking around Second Life at one point that the NSA identified a need to “deconflict” them, ensuring they weren’t wasting time by spying on one another or duplicating efforts.

YouTube available on the Xbox One, after all

Good news for everyone lining up to get an Xbox One: Microsoft’s (s MSFT) new game console will have a YouTube app available at launch, after all. YouTube announced the app on its blog Wednesday, explaining that it will make use of both voice and gesture control, and showing that it’s otherwise pretty much the same as any other recent connected ┬áTV app implementations of YouTube. Earlier this week, it briefly looked like neither the Xbox One nor Sony’s (s SNE) PS4 would have a YouTube app at launch, but it appears that Microsoft got the job done just in time. In other words: Sony, the ball is in your court.

AMD reports a profit thanks to consoles and its custom chip business

Underdog chip company AMD reported a profit during its third quarter financial results in part because the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One consoles carrying its chips are getting ready to hit shelves. The highly-anticipated consoles contain custom-built AMD chips from a new group inside AMD, the Embedded and Custom Semi group. AMD estimates that group will generate a fifth of its sales this year, and apparently is already improving the bottom line.