Comcast has integrated its X1 platform with IFTTT

Users of Comcast’s Xfinity X1 set-top box can now make use of IFTTT to receive messages on their TV or even change the channel upon a certain event. Comcast’s Chief Business Development Officer Sam Schwartz unveiled the integration at a press event in San Francisco Wednesday, where he showed off a recipe that linked a WeMo switch to the X1, allowing users to change the channel whenever the switch was used. Other possible integrations include messaging on the TV, or the ability to switch to a sports channel whenever a viewer’s favorite team is in the news.

Should your ISP be the glue that connects your smart home?

Smart homes don’t have to require a lot of consumer effort, if the consumer is willing to fork over a service fee to their ISP. In this week’s podcast we chat with a Comcast executive about how it views the internet of things.

Comcast capitulates on data cap, but dodges net neutrality

Comcast plans to raise its broadband cap to 300 GB per month as it trials two new types of caps. The move is welcome one, but it neglects to address some of the net neutrality complaints that have arisen in the last few weeks about Comcast.

WatchESPN goes live for Comcast Xfinifty subs

Five months after it was announced, Comcast’s Xfinity TV subs finally have access to a key part of the TV Everywhere promise — WatchESPN, the ESPN gateway to live streaming sports and news. It’s iOS only for now, but Android is “coming soon.”

Comcast data caps stand in the way of Sony video service

Sony has big plans for a competitive home video service to compete with programming offers from the cable and satellite companies – or maybe I should say ‘had’. Those plans are on hold until regulators decide if Comcast can keep prioritize its content over everyone else’s.

Will the Senate please ask ISPs to justify their wireless caps?

The Senate is investigating video competition during a hearing on Tuesday and public interest groups are using it as an opportunity to ask tough questions on broadband caps. I would love the Senate to demand answers on how caps can thwart the burgeoning industry.