Xmarks Syncs Desktop Bookmarks With Android

Getting bookmarks from the desktop to a mobile device has long been a challenge, especially since bookmarks can change on a daily basis. Xmarks today makes this easier for users of the popular Dolphin HD Browser on Android thanks to a new synchronization plug-in.

Bookmark Sync Service Xmarks Lives On After Being Acquired by LastPass

Xmarks, a popular free browser bookmarks synchronization service with some 4.5 million users that was threatened with closure, has announced that it has been acquired by LastPass, a provider of cross-platform password management tools, in a deal that will enable the service to continue to operate.

Xmarks Shutting Down Soon: Here’s an Alternative

Bookmark syncing service Xmarks is shutting down for good on Jan. 10, 2011, meaning that all syncs will cease, and all backups will be lost. At least the early notice means we have time to look for alternatives, which for Safari users won’t be that easy.

XMarks to Shut Down

Xmarks, the bookmarks syncing service is shutting down. The San Francisco-based company quietly announced on its website today. The four-year-old company was started by Mitch Kapor, who initially funded the company. Redpoint Ventures later invested in the startup. Xmarks failed to develop a business model.

Quick Tip: Keep Your Bookmarks in Sync

If you use multiple Macs then there’s probably been at least one time in your computing life when you’ve wished you could keep your Internet bookmarks synced between them. Other than MobileMe, the best way to do this is using Xmarks.

Have Laptop, Will Travel

It won’t be possible for me to disconnect entirely; I’ll need to be on call, and to have access to my work. But I want to carry as little as possible, and make the transition from the office to the train as painless as I can.

Xmarks Adds Open Tab Sync

Popular bookmark syncing service Xmarks has just announced a great new feature: open tab sync for Firefox. You can now step away from Firefox on one machine, head over to another machine and reopen all your tabs, just as you left them.

With New Service, Xmarks Seeks a Revenue Boost

Xmarks, a browser bookmarks-oriented plugin maker today announced SearchBoost, a paid service that overlays search results with reviews and ratings of various websites. It apparently gives the pay-per-click advertisements a big boost. CEO James Joaquin described this as company’s long-awaited business model.