Xobni raises $10M ahead of mystery product launch

Contact management startup Xobni has raised a $10 million round of funding, according to an SEC filing. The company verified the funding and said it was coming from a commercial partner that is investing in Xobni as part of its agreement.

WebOS app development chief flees to Xobni

Michael Rizkalla, the former senior director of webOS application development at HP, has just started at Xobni, where he will be its senior director of mobile applications. It’s the latest exodus from the webOS team as HP contemplates what to do with the mobile operating system.

Xobni launches Smartr contact management for Gmail and Android

San Francisco-based start up Xobni has been trying to improve the Outlook and Blackberry email experience for a while now, but today they’re launching their latest contact management platform and related products for Gmail and Android under the brand name Smartr.

Xobni’s Gadgets Bring Third-Party Collaboration Tools to Outlook

Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook that automatically displays additional information about email contacts, has announced that it is making available “gadgets,” third-party additions to Xobni that will let well-known collaboration tools like Yammer, Chatter and Dropbox become an integral part of the Outlook interface.

Xobni Comes to Gmail. What Took so Long?

Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook, is finally coming to Gmail and Google Apps. It works via a browser plugin that adds a sidebar to Gmail to help you search and manage your contacts while automatically creating profiles for anyone you’ve ever emailed.

5 Alternatives to Social CRM Service Etacts

Yesterday, Om reported that Etacts is to be shut down. While that’s bad news for users of the social CRM service, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives available. Here is a selection of the more useful social CRM tools that have been reviewed on WWD:

Xobni Gets Huddle Integration

A new version of Xobni, an add-on for Outlook, is being released today, including integration with Huddle, a cloud-based collaboration suite. Huddle data will appear in Xobni’s sidebar, providing users with visibility of project workflows, team communications and access to uploaded files.

Xobni Co-founder Adam Smith Leaves

Adam Smith, co-founder of San Francisco-based Xobni is hanging his hat and leaving the company. He is giving up his position as the chief technology officer to Peter Monaco, formerly of TellMe. The company has raised $30 million in funding from Khosla Ventures and others.

Xobni Unveils BlackBerry App

Xobni — an app that aims to help people get more from their email — is coming to the BlackBerry with Xobni Mobile. Just as the Xobni plugin does for Microsoft Outlook, Xobni Mobile offers the ability to gather more information about your email contacts.