Game on: Sony opens PlayStation Mobile store for Android

Sony is taking games beyond its own hardware with the Sony PlayStation Mobile platform. The game store opens today for Sony and Sony Xperia Android phones and tablets, with three HTC models to have access soon. Purchased games also run on Sony’s PS Vita.

Sony bets on direct U.S. sales for Xperia smartphones

A trio of Sony Mobile’s Xperia smartphones are now available in the U.S., but you won’t find them in carrier stores. Instead, the company is selling the full-priced phones directly to consumers through Sony Stores, and various web retailers; a tough sell in the U.S.

OnLive gaming plays nice with Xperia Play controls

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone, aimed at mobile gamers, has a new twist that could add more appeal: OnLive’s cloud gaming service now supports the slide-out gaming controls on the Android smartphone. Touchscreens certainly work for games, but button-mashing is best done on…. buttons.