Dropbox acquires photo storage company and fellow YC alum Snapjoy

Snapjoy is officially joining up with Dropbox, the two companies announced Wednesday, bringing its talents for storing photos in the cloud to the larger, more established cloud storage company. Both alumni of Y Combinator, the two companies will be joining forces.

Born to help make the rent, Airbnb grew from good design

Airbnb, the darling success story of Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, began with a few design guys in San Francisco renting out an air mattress to customers, but the service has grown immensely since then, and Joe Gebbia, the company’s co-founder, said it was all about design.

Hiptype wants to be the Google Analytics for ebooks

Mobile analytics companies provide app publishers with data about their users. Hiptype, a Y Combinator startup, wants to do the same thing for ebooks. That could be huge for data-starved book publishers — except that for now, Hiptype only works on platforms that support HTML5.