John Chambers on the future of Cisco

Cisco hit the skids 18 months ago which led to a restructuring that was completed in record time. Now Cisco is ready to roll again, and to celebrate, CEO John Chambers discussed the company’s future. Here are 3 key takeaways.

Yahoo kills a bunch of mobile apps you’ve never used

Yahoo is cleaning house in mobile product, announcing that it is “decommissioning” a long list of mobile apps you’ve probably never heard of. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Sketch-a-search is one of the apps being culled, as well as things like Yahoo! Meme and Yahoo! Mim.

The simple secret to beating clones and copycats

Startups often rail against copycat companies, arguing that they steal their business and their ideas. But maybe the secret to beating clones isn’t to waste time trying to shut them down — it’s to accept them and focus on being bigger, better and faster.

With Tynt buy, 33Across wants to be a user-data powerhouse

Ad-targeting company 33Across is acquiring link-tracking specialist Tynt Multimedia, resulting in a combined user graph spanning 1.25 billion users. Both are storing and analyzing billions of transactions daily, and they will use that data to help publishers compete on ad sales against mega sites like Google.

Can Yahoo’s new CEO really end the media vs. tech debate?

Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO Scott Thompson wants the discussion over whether Yahoo is a media or tech company to come to an end — according to him, Yahoo can be both. But in this age of increasing specialization, is that a realistic goal?

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns after 16 years as “Chief Yahoo”

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from Yahoo’s board of directors and all his other positions with the company, effective Tuesday. Yang has been with Yahoo since he co-founded the company in 1995; his departure comes less than two weeks after Scott Thompson joined as CEO.

The coming living room OS war

As expectations grow for what a TV set can do and deliver, OEMs will soon be faced with the prospect of needing to embed robust and fully upgradable operating systems in what were once merely dumb displays, so that the devices they are selling can keep up with the pace of development of new software and services aimed at the living room.

Who knew? Data center segment is hot, hot, hot!

People think of data centers as a big, clunky category, but in the cloud computing era it shouldn’t be a surprise that the sector has been hot, with more hotness to come. As more cloud services come online, demand for webscale data centers will keep growing.

New Year’s resolution checklist: Daily backups

A new year is a perfect time to talk about ways to protect your data. You should be backing up and you know it, and if you are already backing up, it’s time to test your strategy and include things you may be forgetting.

Trefis crafts search for info-starved investors

Does the world really need another search engine? Trefis says yes at least for do-it-yourself and even professional investors. For them, Trefis is launching a new search option that will return only pertinent, rich data about the companies they follow.