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Rounding up the post mortems on Twitter’s announcements. Colleen Taylor says Twitter’s photo sharing service will bring new life to Photobucket, the company that’s powering it. The product demo shows some nice search and hashtag integration for discovery, but no evidence of advertising opportunities for Twitter. And it’s aimed less at collections and more at real-time photos – there were 2 million photo links in tweets on May 30 – and thus, at Twitpic and Yfrog, rather than Facebook or Instagram. Matthew Ingram thinks Twitter’s search improvements still have a ways to go. You still can’t search an archive older than a week, and it’s not very clear how Twitter’s personalization and relevancy ranking works. Meanwhile Darrell Etherington scoffs at some who think Apple would build a Twitter competitor. I don’t see how Apple would monetize such a thing any better than Twitter does, and if it wanted to increase habitual usage of its hardware, it should just integrate Twitter more deeply into the iPhone. Which it may be doing.

Today in Social

It seems that Twitter will announce its own photo sharing service on Wednesday. Most of the commentariat mentions that at least Twitter told its ecosystem to stay away from mainstream clients. Many fear for Twitpic and ImageShack (Yfrog), two companies that host a lot of photos for Twitter users. Twitpic claimed it did over a $1 million in very high margin ad sales a couple years ago, so it’s not surprising that Twitter’s interested in getting a piece of that action. Matthew Ingram has written extensively about Twitter’s difficulties with its ecosystem of developers, and I had some suggestions for advertising and curation tactics. Meanwhile, Bobbie Johnson says Twitter’s well-earned reputation for maintaining user privacy will be under fire from libel suit-friendly British courts.

Vid-Biz: Pirate Bay, Sales-Only, Yay for TV

Court Orders Pirate Bay to Delete Torrents; site operators are found responsible, but don’t have to block access to Dutch users. (TorrentFreak)

The Sales-Only Window Is Real; studio sources confirm Netflix CEO’s assertion that the industry will block more than just Redbox discount rentals — though delays may actually be traded for better deals. (LA Times)

Why TV Is Good for the World; interesting read on the global effects of television, past, present and future. (Foreign Policy)

yfrog Adds Webcam Uploads; now users can post videos and photos to Twitter using the yfrog, web site, iPhone, email, and many desktop and mobile Twitter apps. (emailed release)

Which Came First, the Rights or the Monetization? Supercomm panelists say multiple aspects of a successful online video business are still missing. (Contentinople)

Yfrog Lets You Post Media to Twitter Via an iPhone MMS Text

yfrogYfrog now lets you send photos and video to Twitter via an MMS message on the iPhone, which is in accordance with the Apple (s appl) device’s new MMS capability going live today.

If you’re new to Yfrog, sign up for an email address on the site, which you can do through OAuth. After that, open a new text message on your iPhone and select a photo or video to upload. Then just type in your Yfrog email address and hit send. Read More about Yfrog Lets You Post Media to Twitter Via an iPhone MMS Text

Seesmic Releases New Features for Its Desktop App

seesmicSeesmic has unveiled new features to its desktop application, which helps you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts, including the ability for users to set up a column to follow Facebook Fan pages, making it easier to keep track of favorite celebrities, sports teams and brands. Additionally, administrators of Facebook Fan pages can now manage the pages they’re in charge of within Seesmic. But what caught our eye is Seesmic’s new partnership with YFrog, which will become the application’s default picture-posting service. (URL-shortening service announced a partnership with YFrog in August.) Seesmic CEO Loic LeMeur said the company’s iPhone application should be available next month. Read More about Seesmic Releases New Features for Its Desktop App

A Ton of Twitter Video Services Take On Each Other

With Twitter reaching new heights of mainstream popularity (thank you, Oprah!), it’s only natural that a generation of services would spring up to try and get a piece of that sweet micro-blogging action. And the action right now is in video. Since Twitter doesn’t host video, a raft of startups are vying to become your go-to platform for making and sharing micro-movies.

While 12seconds isn’t “new,” the company today announced a tighter integration with Twitter. Now you can log into the video service using just your Twitter account information, and your Twitter @replies and direct messages will appear in your feed in real time. Here’s a quick (and slightly amusing) vid the company put together to highlight the changes.

adding twitter connect and twitter conversation feed realtime! from Sol Lipman on Vimeo.

Perhaps 12seconds has been following VentureBeat, because that publication has been doing a heroic job of keeping up with the constantly changing space as everyone jumps into the video-for-Twitter pool. Late last week, Matt Marshall chronicled the back and forth between and as each service tried to outdo each other (almost in accelerated Twitter-time) with new features.

Read More about A Ton of Twitter Video Services Take On Each Other