Foursquare Looking for Deals with Search Giants

Foursquare is in talks with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft about deals involving the service’s location-based checkin data, CEO Dennis Crowley told The Telegraph. None of the search providers have confirmed this, but such deals would make sense given their interest in making their results more real-time.

Yahoo’s Carol Bartz Hates Net Neutrality? Nope.

Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz slammed government involvement in broadband deployments, crappy consumer spending, and said she would would have taken Microsoft’s offer of $36 per share back in 2008, in an interview today on CNBC. However, she didn’t come out against net neutrality.

Stop Cramming the Mobile Web Into the PC Box

It’s time developers stop viewing mobile as an afterthought and start building mobile apps for less robust wireless connections and a variety of platforms. Programmers should stop trying to force design principals and habits learned on the PC-focused wired web into a mobile world.

Why Tech May Rebound in 2010

While the economy’s longer-term health remains as uncertain as ever, the outlook for tech is – for the next several months, at least – getting brighter. Companies feel more comfortable spending on new technology as well as online ads. And consumers are spending more.

NewTeeVee Live: Will Broadband TVs Connect With Consumers?

Matthew McRaeTelevisions are going to transition from having nice pictures to becoming smart, app-filled, interactive machines, Matthew McRae, VP and GM of Advanced Technology Products at Vizio, said at the NewTeeVee Live conference today in San Francisco. Vizio plans to ship a connected television in January of next year. The company has learned from mistakes made by previous broadband television makers, McRae said, and so has focused on creating a good user experience and a developer ecosystem akin to Apple’s (s aapl) App store.
To satisfy that developer ecosystem, the Vizio television will use Flash and the Yahoo (s yhoo) Widget platform to provide an easy way for programmers to build applications for the television. Vizio will integrate apps into the TV that can trump all things happening on the television, so tweets could interrupt a movie if the user wants them to, or an email could come through even when you are playing a game. Read More about NewTeeVee Live: Will Broadband TVs Connect With Consumers?

Saturday Night Netbook Shopping With Tyler

Tyler and I are being bad tonight. We offered to drive to Target to pick up a few items for Barb and there just happens to be a Best Buy in the vicinity. The Toshiba NB205  with 1.66GHz N280 Atom caught our eye and I’m very impressed with the overall package. The keyboard extremely usable with a chiclet-type design. The trackpad seems very generous in size when compared to other netbooks, as well.
I know that Intel’s (s intc) Pine Trail platform, or next-gen Atom, is on the way, but I’m leaning heavily towards this Toshiba. This model has the 6-cell battery that’s advertised around nine hours of battery life. The device is thinner than my MSI Wind as well. Decisions, decisions…

YouTube Integrates Facebook Connect

YouTube today integrated Facebook Connect, endorsing the social sharing site and its power to bring people to content. YouTube users will now be able to directly share with their Facebook friends the videos they publish on YouTube (s GOOG). They can also automatically send uploads to Twitter and Google Reader.

As close watchers of the social TV phenomenon, whose breakthrough moment was the Obama inauguration, we’ve posited multiple times that the two sites would be a perfect match for one another. But it seemed unlikely that YouTube would integrate Facebook Connect, given its parent Google has a competing product, Google Friend Connect.

Well, the unlikely has now happened, and it has implications beyond just sharing videos from one site to the other (which has long been possible using embed codes). YouTube could benefit from Facebook’s identity system and growing influence over traffic on the Internet, along with Twitter. Here’s what we wrote about a potential integration in April.

Combining users’ real-world identity with their experiences on YouTube should make the video site much more monetizable. YouTube watchers, if they’re even logged in, often go by AOL chat room-era nicknames like daisychick98. Whereas Facebook has cultivated a gigantic user base that shares real names and information. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Facebook has the business model all figured out, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have something to offer YouTube. Connecting comments to users’ real names could bring the level of discourse on the video site out of the gutter, and cultivate more active participation among members.

In an email, Facebook noted some stats from other entertainment implementations of Facebook Connect:

  • Joost: Since Joost implemented Facebook Connect in December 2008, the average Facebook Connect Joost user has watched 30% more videos and entered 15% more comments about a video on average. Additionally, Connect users have invited 38% more friends to the site.
  • CNN: During their inauguration live feed, more than 2 million status updates were posted through, and there was an average of 4,000 status updates made every minute during the broadcast.
  • For the season finale of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bravo integrated Facebook Connect with to allow fans to connect with friends and comment on the show. After the live viewing party, traffic on the site increased 34% in unique visitors and 78% in page views, versus the prior four-week time frame.

Sony Adds Machinima Studio To Playstation 3’s Home (Editor Not Included)

Confirming early reports from last week, Sony (s sne) just announced a machinima tool for use in PlayStation Home, the virtual world for its PS3 videogame console. Dubbed the “Living Room Stage Set” and selling for $4.99 in the PlayStation Home Mall starting today, it’s basically a virtual studio in a box, albeit one missing a key element.

The kit comes with an empty shooting stage that can be dressed as desired, ringed by a lighting system with customizable controls and multiple cameras for viewing the action with different angles and camera shots. There’s a backdrop that can be loaded with pre-set scenery (a beach, a cityscape, etc.) that also functions as a green screen, which you can use to composite your own video footage during the editing process. But here’s the catch: the Stage Set doesn’t come with internal recording tools or an editor.

Read More about Sony Adds Machinima Studio To Playstation 3’s Home (Editor Not Included)

Coming Soon, Yet Another Re-Org at Yahoo

Updated: Given the number of re-orgs that have taken place at the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet company Yahoo (s YHOO) in recent months, one could be forgiven for dubbing it “Re-org Nation.” But while many of these shakeups — all part of a larger game of musical chairs, really — were on Jerry Yang’s watch, even though he’s since left, we haven’t seen the last of them yet.
My sources are telling me that the company is close to announcing yet another re-org, one that will divide Yahoo into two distinct groups. The first is a product & engineering division that will be spearheaded by Ari Balogh, currently chief technology officer of the company. Hillary Schneider, executive VP at Yahoo, is rumored to be the one slated to run the second one, which is generically being referred to as the business division. The rationale behind this forthcoming shakeup is that it will give Yahoo a more united front.
Update: The rumors of this re-org were first reported by Kara Swisher of AllThingsD blog. A recent check of Yahoo management bios shows that Ari has now “product” responsibilities and Hillary is responsible for North America, though the company hasn’t made any formal announcements. I guess it would be part of something that is coming down the pike.
As part of the changes to come, there will be several changes at Yahoo, many impacting the middle tier of Yahoo’s management. For instance, Steve Schultz, currently general manage of Yahoo Real Estate and Yahoo Health will be taking care of the all important Yahoo Finance business. According to some reports published on April 15, Yahoo is going to cut a few hundred employees.
Yahoo’s biggest challenge has been an inability to act as a single entity; historically, most product groups led by general managers have become “silos” with a “to each its own” mentality. What do you guys think — will this re-org help Yahoo or create another layer for an already overly complex company?