What the ad numbers mean for online and social media

Advertising pays the bills for most social and online media companies. The Internet Advertising Bureau has released first-half U.S. sales figures. Revenues grew 23 percent to $14.9 billion, showing online to be one of the healthier sectors in all advertising, even in a lousy economy. What’s less encouraging is that display ad pricing is actually down, and companies can’t escape the grip of cheap ad inventory aimed at direct marketing.

Prom Queen the Stage Musical? Really?

OK, maybe the guys at Big Fantastic shouldn’t hit up Stephen Sondheim for advice just yet. But when interviewed by APM’s Marketplace yesterday, former Disney head and current Torante CEO Michael Eisner admitted that he’d been approached by a producer with the idea of adapting the teen drama web series as a touring musical (clip below):

According to Eisner, “Who knows where that will end up?” but he does close that point on a idealistic bit of rhetoric about synergy: “The point I’m making is: Do it well, tell a good story, try to make a little cultural noise and you have something of value.” I don’t know what value other people will get out of a Prom Queen musical, but personally I’m holding out for a dance number about pineapples.

Mac TV Tuner Roundup: Eight Tuners to Tap Into Your TV

Whether our intentions are to have the latest in-vogue gadget for the sake of usability purposes or to just stay ”trendy”, the point is that we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. To that end, I’m happy to share with you a round-up of the TV tuners available today for the Mac (s aapl) platform.

EyeTV Hybrid

eye-tv-hybridCompliments of the folks at Elgato, this slick little TV Tuner Stick accommodates both unencrypted Digital and HDTV reception, as well analog reception. Weighing in at just 30 grams and with dimensions just a bit bigger than a pack of gum, the EyeTV Hybrid ushers in clear and pristine picture to the high resolution of your Mac. What’s more, EyeTV Hybrid also receives FM radio. Since EyeTV Hybrid is also a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), it can put your television recordings on your Mac, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. And for gamers out there, EyeTV Hybrid also allows you to connect most game consoles to your Mac. Sweet. Read More about Mac TV Tuner Roundup: Eight Tuners to Tap Into Your TV