Google brings six additional Android apps to Chrome devices

Chromebook users have gotten a few more native Android apps to play with: Google has officially brought six additional Android apps to Chrome OS, including Slideshare, Tapatalk and Yo.

These apps aren’t just Chrome apps that look and feel like their mobile counterparts, but actual Android apps running in Chrome, thanks to the Android Runtime for Chrome¬†(ARC), which Google first announced at its I/O developer conference last summer.

However, Google has been slow to release ARC apps for Chrome OS, porting only a handful of new apps every two months or so. This has prompted some¬†some to take matters into their own hands, with developers figuring out ways to use ARC to port other Android apps to Chrome as well. In fact, there is now an automated tool to do just that, and my colleague Kevin Tofel was able to bring Skype’s native Android app to his Chromebook with it.

Google hasn’t cracked down on this, but is instead asking users to nominate their favorite Android apps to bring to Chrome OS next.