VidCon 2010 Promises a Celebration of Online Video

In the online video world, there are no shortage of conferences — but they’re aimed specifically at the business of the industry, not the culture of it. Enter Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green’s VidCon, which will run from July 9-11 in Los Angeles.

Olga Kay’s Circus Lacks Story, But Looks Lovely

YouTuber Olga Kay’s past life as a circus performer and juggler has lead the actress to team up with director Andrea Ball and producer Sarah Evershed to make the Kickstarter-funded Olga Kay’s Circus, a lushly-filmed short that claims to be YouTube’s first interactive circus.

YouTuber-Created High School Sucks The Musical Aims for Movie Theaters

Created by popular YouTube users Pedro D. Flores and Tim Chantarangsu, this independent film musical project has been acquired by Lakeshore Entertainment’s transmedia division for distribution — a path which may take the film to festivals, DVD, and maybe even a theatrical release.

YouTuber JP Metz Has Plenty of (Angry) Makeup Tips

YouTuber Week continues with JP Metz, one of many vloggers making videos about applying cosmetics. However, she’s the only one regularly cussing out her fans and offering don’ts instead of dos, and her particular brand of snarky ranting is great parody and great fun.

Julian Smith’s Production Value Shines on YouTube

Day Three of YouTuber Week focuses on self-taught filmmaker Julian Smith, whose acting talents are almost overshadowed by his incredible production values. However, the 23-year-old creator puts his comedy first, and himself second, for a varied assortment of sketches, music videos, and random video experiments.

Kat Sketch Uses YouTube To Show Off Her Art

YouTuber Week continues with a look at artist and vlogger Kat Sketch. Having joined YouTube in September 2008, Sketch’s viewcounts rarely break the six figure mark, but her art pieces using unconventional materials are just one part of her online success.

Mystery Guitar Man Creates and Innovates on YouTube

YouTuber Week begins with a look at the work of Joe Penna, known on YouTube as MysteryGuitarMan. The Brazilian-born musician and creator combines clear musical talent with technical ability and a quirky, relatable sense of humor, resulting in videos which are charming, well-produced and fun.

Team YouTube Gets More Support: Creators File Amicus Brief

A group of YouTube creators have filed an amicus brief in the ongoing legal battle between Google and Viacom voicing their support for the site’s value as it currently operates and arguing that to make YouTube responsible for content posted site could destroy what’s been built.