Ze Frank hits Kickstarter goal, new show in March

It took video blogging pioneer Ze Frank less than eight hours to achieve his funding goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter yesterday. Now he’s already working on planing the relaunch of his show, which is currently scheduled to debut at the end of March.

Machinima’s secret to original drama is its audience

The most notable thing about gamer-focused web video network Machinima isn’t its 1.3 billion monthly video views and 149 million uniques. It’s this — getting people to watch drama online, by making sure its drama series will directly appeal to its audience.

The future of music is boring – and that’s exciting!

When it comes to the future of music, we all like to talk about Spotify, file sharing and the decline of the CD. But those flashy stories may distract us from a much bigger trend – a trend that is powered by CMS systems and CRMs.

Amazon hiring creative execs for original programming

Add Amazon Studios to the list of online video providers that could soon release some new original programming. The company is looking to hire creative executives to develop and produce original comedies and kids shows for online and traditional distribution.

Nowbox brings TV-like navigation to videos on the iPad

The Nowbox iPad app takes a unique approach to discovering new videos on the iPad. It lets viewers surf through channels of web video on the iPad in the same way they would click through channels on their TVs.

YouTube & its content discovery paradox

YouTube is making a massive investment in original programming. But as it increases the value of the content being produced and uploaded, it needs to get better about helping viewers find it. To do that, YouTube will need to step beyond search tackle the discovery challenge.

Cool for school: Education is a big hit on YouTube

YouTube isn’t just about cat videos anymore: Educational content has been growing rapidly on the site, with views of educational videos doubling in 2011. Google is investing some of its money to give videos about biology and world history a more professional look and feel.