We asked the experts: How do you do YouTube?

Everyone uses YouTube, but how exactly do people discover new videos? We asked both web video professionals like Amy Pham and Zadi Diaz as well as your average 12 year old girl to find out.

VidCon 2012: love, respect and double rainbows

Vidcon serves as a real-time, real life reminder of the vibrant community that cares about online video — a community born in comment threads, response videos, retweets and subscriptions.  It’s a young community. It’s a very specific community.  But it’s impossible to ignore.

YouTubers bring audience to Ford-sponsored NBC reality series

Think reality TV is saturated with product placement? Meet Escape Routes, which uses large amounts of screen time to sell you on the Ford Escape. But there is some interesting digital innovation involved — in the structure of the show and in the casting.