Genetics startup 23andMe raises $50 million Series D funding round

23andMe, the personal genetics company, has raised a $50 million Series D funding round to expand its users to one million individuals, drop the price of its Personal Genome Service to $99, and expand its infrastructure involved in its research capabilities.

Red hot Codecademy gets $10m from Index and KPCB

Education startup Codecademy — which promises to help anyone learn to program with its game-like online courses — is stepping up to the international market with a $10 million round of funding from new backers including Index Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

Why Facebook and Silicon Valley owe it all to Moscow

Russian investor Yuri Milner plans to sell $1.5 billion of Facebook stock when the company goes public later this month — making more than a billion in profit. But it’s Silicon Valley that should be thanking him, not the other way around.

What’s really going on at

Two senior figures have checked out of one of Russia’s most successful internet companies in a matter of days. Is it natural turnover for, or are analysts who suggest the company may have reached its peak right?

So where could DST spend its cool billion dollars?

Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies — a significant backer of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Silicon Valley darlings — is raising a new $1 billion fund. So where will this tranche of money go?

How Codecademy got so hot, so fast

Codecademy, which teaches users how to program for free with an interactive and social web application, has garnered more than 1 million users in less than five months. We talked to co-founder and CEO Zach Sims about how Codecademy started and where it’s going.

For Evernote, 2011 was a year to remember

2011 has been all about personalized mobile apps, and Evernote has benefited handsomely: In the past 12 months, the personal note-taking software company grew its user base from 6 million to 20 million. GigaOM talked to CEO Phil Libin about the growth and Evernote’s 2012 outlook.