Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to Gmail & Google Talk

Yuuguu is a favorite amongst Web Worker Daily’s writers, with new features being added continuously to the popular screen-sharing service, largely driven by the real needs of its users.

Around a month ago the company added Linux and Flash clients, but I suggested that this perhaps needed to be enhanced with Yugma-style plugins for existing social networks.

Fortunately, Yuuguu’s been thinking ahead and at this week’s The Future of Web Apps in London, announced that Gmail and Google Talk users will be able to invoke Yuuguu screensharing sessions with existing contacts, rather than those within the Yuuguu client. Coupled with the earlier launch of a Flash-based viewer, this helps to broaden the usefulness of the service as its reach extends beyond previous technical barriers. Read More about Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to Gmail & Google Talk

Yuuguu launches Linux & Flash clients

Web Worker Daily has previously covered ongoing developments around screen-sharing tool Yuuguu (apparently the Japanese term for fusion!), but Aliza’s post on PalBee and a bunch of new Yuuguu features in recent days makes for a good opportunity to revisit the Liverpool-based startup’s take on screen-sharing, collaboration and web conferencing.

At the Office 2.0 conference, earlier this month, CEO Anish Kapoor launched Linux editions of their software, directly providing supported clients for SUSE, Ubuntu & Fedora. Though the company has a modest user base, providing support to Linux can only help to enhance it’s utility as a collaboration bridge between Linux, Windows and the Mac community, to whom Yuuguu launched it’s product at Macworld earlier this year.

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New Motion Tablet PC rumors in Alaska

Motion logoWe heard from a jkOnTheRun reader in Alaska that Motion Computing is going to release a new Tablet PC soon.  According to our source who has requested anonymity, when asked when a current Motion owner should upgrade to a newer model the Motion representative said:

“I would wait a month. We’ve got a new tablet coming out that’s definitely worth waiting for. It will literally change the entire tablet scape. If you’re thinking about buying, I would wait.”

This is obviously a new device and not the innovative new medical Tablet PC that Motion recently announced.  Motion makes fantastic slate Tablet PCs and this new mystery model would be the first consumer device released since Motion entered into the manufacturing agreement with ASUS.  Motion whenever you want to give a few hints about this revolutionary new Tablet PC we’re all ears.

Litefeeds, easy way to get mobile RSS

Addicted to RSS? Litefeeds will send everything to any wireless device – Blackberry, Pocket PC, Palm, Java Phone.. you need to download the application. The site is slow and quirky.

To Sell or Not To Sell 3G Spectrum

Mike brings to attention that India is grappling with a unique set of problems when it comes to their 3G direction – whether to give away new licenses for free to existing license owners or charge carriers for it. This has everyone in an uproar. Indian regulator, TRAI thinks India should give it away. But then these are the same geniuses who went with the 256 kbps definition of broadband, so you can’t really take them too seriously.
The wireless operators in India already have cash flowing into their coffers, and can afford to pay for the spectrum. Given that spectrum is nation’s public property, giving it away for free should not even be considered. I think it is clear to me – they should charge more like a leasing fee for it. The spectrum compromise, should be that the money should pay for helping armed forces move to a new frequency and perhaps create a rural telephony fund. Still, I see an impasse over 3G emerging in India, which could stall India’s fast growing telephony markets.
As an aside, one of the big stories in India that is not being covered in the west is the ongoing split between the Ambani family – the owners of Reliance Infocomm. Reliance is going to go to Anil Ambani, one of the brothers who also happens to be a member of the upper house in the Indian parliament. There are rumors that Reliance Infocomm is not all that as it is made out to be. A 3G license for free could come in quite handy, don’t you think? Or perhaps it is me who sees shapes in shadows.