How much did Adobe pay for Behance? 

Earlier this morning, Adobe Systems, the San Jose-based creative software giant announced that it was buying New York City-based design-oriented community, Behance. Since then, many have been wondering how much did Adobe shell out? Now we have the answer.

After being down, Jawbone’s UP gets back up again

Jawbone is coming back to the market with a brand new (and much improved) version of its much maligned UP wearable device that tracks your personal data including time spent walking. This time, it faces considerable challenge from Nike’s increasingly popular, Fuelband.

Yves Behar: Connectedness is what design does best

What ties many design parts together into a highly desired, functional product? Connectedness, ranging from user interface, user experience, product functions and self-healing, says Yves Behar. Touch is a big factor and you might be surprised by which companies Behar says are doing it right.

The new era of startups focused on design

Startups that are focused on design are emerging as the web and mobile industry’s most successful companies. What does it take to make a commitment to design? Mike McCue, Flipboard’s co-founder and CEO has some ideas.

How to design a store in a world of connectivity

Is the store still relevant when consumers can buy goods online anywhere, anytime? For sure, but it has to become something else, according to Tesla’s George Blankenship. You can learn more about this topic through this short video clip, or in depth at our RoadMap event.

Postcard from Denmark: The throwaway culture is over

The Danish Design Center in Copenhagen is featuring an exhibit that explores ways to reduce waste and use more sustainable materials for some of the common things we use. Turns out big corporations are some of the leading thinkers on these eco materials.

Creative portfolio showcase Behance gets $6.5M from USV, Jeff Bezos

After bootstrapping itself for more than five years, New York City-based Behance, an online destination for creative galleries and portfolios, has finally turned to outside funding, securing a $6.5 million investment from Union Square Ventures and a host of investors including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.