ProofHQ CEO: Remote work is bad for startups? Oh, please!

Remote work may be increasingly mainstream, but there are holdouts like Zaarly exec Shane Mac, who recently opined that startups and distributed teams make a lousy combination. That’s news to the founder of successful startup ProoffHQ, which has been remote from day one.

Zaarly exec: Remote work stinks for startups

An exec at jobs marketplace Zaarly pens an uncompromising post admitting he’s been converted to remote work skepticism and arguing that for demanding, idea-hungry startups at least co-located teams are definitely the way to go. Is he on to something?

Zaarly goes big: $14.1M funding, Meg Whitman joins board

Peer-to-peer marketplace Zaarly has secured some major support — from some of the tech industry’s biggest names. Zaarly has closed on $14.1 million in a series A funding round. In addition, Hewlett-Packard CEO and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has joined Zaarly’s board of directors.

Hamburg’s Gigalocal tries to get your to-do list done

German startup Gigalocal has good backers and a name that seems inspired. But can its focus on a local market be enough to help open up a gap in the increasingly busy — but still relatively unproven — field of service marketplaces?

Zaarly Looks To Be a Real Time Mobile Craigslist

Zaarly, a new start-up that is launching today, is hoping to speed up the pace of local commerce with a new mobile application that helps bring buyers of services and goods together with local sellers and providers in real time.