Why Apple Buddies Up to Frenemy Netflix

Look back into Apple’s history, and it’s clear it never partners with a company that could one day be a threat. Apple’s decision to include Netflix on the newest Apple TV indicates where Apple may be headed with video and the iTunes store.

The Future of Energy Innovation Is In Smart Algorithms

A new type of energy-focused startup has emerged focused on innovation around smart algorithms. These companies are using information analytics — in the same way that the web giants Amazon, Google and Netflix do — to mine information and use it to help reduce energy consumption.

This Week in Mobile Tech Manor #74: San Fran

Mobile Tech Manor (MTM) is what I affectionately call my home office as it has seen more mobile tech gear pass through the doors than just about anywhere on earth. This column is where I share the events in MTM for the past week.

MJ’s Death Makes Web Traffic Spike, But No Internet Meltdown

Michael Jackson Death 6.25.09.pngI couldn’t help but notice the irony in yesterday’s events. At our Structure 09 Conference, just as panelists started discussing the challenges of managing web infrastructure, we heard that TMZ.com and Twitter had buckled under the massive traffic load that resulted from the news of pop star Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest and eventual death. (Related: NewTeeVee has put together a collection of his videos online.)

Many went on to proclaim that the web had failed. It seemed a tad sensationalist to suggest that, for only a handful of sites went on the blink. I didn’t hear that Google (s goog), Facebook, Yahoo (s yhoo), Microsoft (s msft) or MySpace (s nws) broke down. For them, it was business as usual. Nevertheless, this morning, I decided to check two sources that monitor the performance and traffic patterns of the web. Read More about MJ’s Death Makes Web Traffic Spike, But No Internet Meltdown