Zettaset claims Intel lied, cheated and stole its Hadoop software

According to a complaint filed by Zettaset, Intel’s Hadoop management software is so similar to Zettaset’s flagship Orchestrator product that “trying to run Zettaset on top of Intel is akin to trying to put a key into a lock already occupied by a key.”

The unsexy side of big data: 5 tools to manage your Hadoop cluster

It’s neither easy nor glamorous — data scientists get all the love — but making sure your Hadoop cluster is properly configured and applications are running optimally is necessary, especially as applications move into production. Here are five tools to help you do it.

How Hadoop can help keep your money in the bank

Banks and their customers are under constant threat from cybercriminals trying to get at their money, but at least one bank is using Hadoop to help ensure those attacks aren’t successful. And it has changed the face of its analytics efforts.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Hadoop features front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy, one of the biggest trends in IT. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

Security is the next killer app for Hadoop

The open-source, data-processing tool Hadoop is already popular for a variety of use cases that can benefit from clusters of machines churning through unstructured data — such as search engines and social-media analysis — and now it’s turning its attention to security data.

Zettaset raises $3M for the consumerization of big data

The ability to analyze enormous amounts of data and use that to better target an ad, make a new drug or any number of other lofty goals is talked about constantly, but what about harnessing Hadoop for the rest of us?