Lumen: Lasers, Mirrors, and Obstacles! Oh, My!

Lumen is a deceptively involving game. The premise makes it appear simple: use mirrors and colored filters to guide a laser beam through checkpoints with the appropriate color to win. However, you will quickly find yourself double and triple guessing your moves when you’ve realized that the path you have laid out for the lasers just isn’t doing it.

Available at $1.99 for the full version¬†or free for the lite version, Lumen comes preloaded with a slew of “local puzzles.” If you purchased the full version, you also have the option of a growing library of user-submitted levels, currently topping off at around 2,100. Once you’ve successfully completed a puzzle you can rate it a thumbs up/down if you enjoyed the game play and the level is subsequently given a check mark letting you know it’s been completed. Lumen is meant to be a true casual game: there is no timer or score, just a sense of accomplishment when you have completed a level. And with the vast online library, you can relive that sense over and over again. You can also design your own level to share with others if you are feeling creative.
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No Way Are We Getting a G-Phone from Dell

The rumors of computer giant Dell teaming up with Google to produce an Android-powered mobile phone are a nice break from all the iPhone hooplah, but folks, it’s not going to happen. Thanks to its hiring of Ron Garriques, the former head of Motorola’s handset business, and its August acquisition of Zing, Dell has all the pieces in place to do something cool with consumer technology. But isn’t likely to. In fact, we’ve been here before.

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