Hands on: Retina-enabled reading apps for iPad

The main appeal of the high-resolution Retina display of the new iPad to voracious readers is the improved text viewing. We go hands on with the major reader apps that are now Retina-capable — the Kindle app, iBooks, Comixology and Zinio — to see which adapted best.

Zinio magazines on Android phones: Will you read them?

Zinio now supports Google Android handsets, bringing content from 1,000 digital magazine publishers to smartphones and small tablets running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3. A first look at the new software shows a positive experience, but it may be better suited to devices with larger screens.

How Zinio’s magazine app for Honeycomb just got better

When it comes to software for reading e-books or magazines, a better visual experience is key. Zinio’s magazine app today improves that experience, but the software itself isn’t the solution. Optimization with capable hardware makes the page turns and text zooming far more fluid than before.

How to Get Newspapers, Magazines on Your Android

Amazon’s Kindle hardware and software is great for reading books, but not so much when it comes to magazines and newspapers. By following this step-by-step method, you can have access to thousands of color magazines and newspapers on an Android device via Zinio and PressReader.

Showdown: 5 iPad Reading Apps

Now that all the commercial e-book distributors have made their iPad apps available, it’s time for an overview of how each app performs, along with their pluses and minuses. So, here’s how I found each app to hold up.

Zinio’s New AIR App Shows the Future of Magazines

Digital magazines aren’t new, but the latest version of Zinio is. This new Adobe AIR application lets you read magazines on Windows, Mac or Linux computers and the experience is immersive. With dynamic content, live web links and interactive media, this is the future of magazines.