Are Apps Like Flipboard the Future of Media?

Apps like Flipboard and Zite are showing traditional media entities what readers really want when it comes to mobile content consumption: smart aggregation, customization and personalization, and a better interface. If publishers don’t find a way to ride that wave, they will be crushed by it.

Note to Media: Don’t Fight Zite, Learn From It

News-reading app maker Zite has been threatened by a group of traditional media outlets who allege it’s guilty of copyright infringement for reformatting their content. Instead of sending legal threats, those publishers should try to learn what Zite is offering readers that they aren’t.

The Race to Build the “Daily Me” Continues

A new iPad app called Zite is the latest entrant in the race to build the “Daily Me,” a personalized newspaper that learns what you like. No one has really won this race yet, although Flipboard appears to be leading — and where is Google?