Zoho Launches Full Google Docs Integration

Arguably, Zoho is a competitor of Google’s (s goog), since both include web-based document creation and editing tools among their product offerings. That hasn’t stopped Zoho from offering integration with Google products in the past, and today it introduces full Google Docs compatibility, a move which shows it puts customer needs ahead of all other concerns, if you ask me.

Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs all get new abilities to interact with and use documents from Google Docs, which should be welcome news for anyone wanting to try out the Zoho alternative without either starting from scratch or going through an arduous migration process with their existing library of docs. Read More about Zoho Launches Full Google Docs Integration

Gmail IMAP Problem for Travelers — Solution Provided

Reader Murray Chapman has been doing some international traveling lately and noticed an odd problem using Gmail on his trips. Murray found that he would not be able to access his Gmail, and once he lost access he couldn’t get it back.

Not to be outdone by a little problem like this, Murray did some experimentation and came to the conclusion that Google was protecting him from himself. He believes that when Google noticed he was trying to access his IMAP Gmail from a totally new IP address, that it was locking him out. There’s no official indication that this is what was happening to Murray, but he found if he visited the Google unlock page and reentered his credentials, then he would be able to access Gmail again. Until the next trip when he loses access again. Murray felt it worth passing on in case other travelers are having the same problem. ¬†Thanks for sharing, Murray!

11 Top Open-source Resources for Cloud Computing

[digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/11_Top_Open_source_Resources_for_Cloud_Computing] Open-source software has been on the rise at many businesses during the extended economic downturn, and one of the areas where it is starting to offer companies a lot of flexibility and cost savings is in cloud computing. Cloud deployments can save money, free businesses from vendor lock-ins that could really sting over time, and offer flexible ways to combine public and private applications. The following are 11 top open-source cloud applications, services, educational resources, support options, general items of interest, and more. Read More about 11 Top Open-source Resources for Cloud Computing

Corporate Telecommuting: The H1N1 Virus Edition

1180561_28843136News of a possible H1N1 virus, or “Swine Flu,” pandemic is causing many commercial firms and government agencies to examine their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans so business can soldier on during the crisis. The threat of an H1N1 outbreak is even prompting the United States Centers for Disease Control to recommend that small businesses have telework and business continuity plans in place.

This could place even organizations with well developed telecommuting programs in a challenging position, because a major virus outbreak may mean that their remote worker needs exceed their current capacity.

On the flip side, there are organizations that are far from telecommuting-friendly, which face even more challenges because they aren’t set up for remote working. In order to keep their business running in such a crisis they are going to need to buy or build an infrastructure to meet a new model of working.

At WebWorkerDaily, we get a chance to review some of the best office productivity, social media, online collaboration, project management, and Web 2.0 tools that in a worst case scenario — like a pandemic outbreak — can help an organization maintain some semblance of operations and communications, even though its employees and contractors are working from home during the crisis.

Read More about Corporate Telecommuting: The H1N1 Virus Edition

Zoho Notebook Takes On OneNote and Evernote With New Features

While the Microsoft OneNote 2010 Technical Preview (s msft) and the latest Evernote features typically garner attention, it’s important to not countZoho_Logo Zoho out of the race just yet. Zoho Notebook is a good online note taking application, which recently got some new enhancements. Zoho excels in a strong user experience and feature set that is getting ever closer to rivaling traditional desktop office productivity applications. This post is going to take a look at the latest round of improvements that recently hit the app.
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Manage Projects Online Without Breaking the Bank Using Zoho Projects 2.0


Zoho has released a major update to Zoho Projects, its online project management system that allows you to share projects with your team via the web. Zoho Projects 2.0 could be a tempting service for small- to medium-sized organizations that cannot afford Microsoft Project (s msft), the “gold standard” for project management in the enterprise. Zoho Projects requires no special software, just a browser and an Internet connection.

Several plans are available, including a free account that enables you to manage one project. That free account has unlimited users, which is a great way to get your feet wet. Create an account, invite all your team members, and give Zoho Projects a test drive before splashing out on one of the beefier plans. The good news is that you can now also import Microsoft Project files, which means you don’t have to recreate everything from scratch for an active project. Read More about Manage Projects Online Without Breaking the Bank Using Zoho Projects 2.0

Simplifying Email

atsignAs web workers, we are often asked to help friends and relatives fix computer problems. For me, the majority of these problems seem to be related to email. It’s ironic, as email is now less popular than social networks.

So why is email such a hassle?

  • It’s more than 30 years old. Email has come a long way, but its underlying protocols haven’t changed much since the 1970s.
  • It’s really three different systems. Sending (SMTP) and receiving (POP or IMAP) are totally separate functions, and are often handled on different servers. That’s why I often hear comments like “I can receive, but I can’t send” from clients.
  • It’s being used for a lot of things it was never designed to do, like send images and attachments, highly formatted messages, signatures and calendar entries.
  • It’s been overrun by spam, and even well-designed spam filters aren’t perfect, and cause unwanted side effects, like messages that get misidentified as spam, or just go away.
  • Email software is too complex. These programs that were originally built for offline use; that is, they were set up so that users could read and write messages without being connected to the internet. Sending and receiving would happen in batches. That made sense when internet connections were slow, expensive and charged by the minute. Now that most people have always-on connections like cable or DSL, that process is less necessary. Desktop email client software is a pain to set up and use; as someone who helps many people with email, Outlook is the bane of my existence.
  • Many of us connect to the Internet in more than one place — at work, at home, and on cell phones. It can be very frustrating to realize that we’ve left the message we needed to reply to at the office.
  • Many of us have more than one email address. I try to keep my work and personal email separate, plus I have a series of email addresses that I use when registering on websites that might try to send spam. And I have several email addresses that were given to me, such as the ones that are automatically created when signing up for instant-messaging services like Yahoo, AIM and Windows Live/MSN.

What can be done to overcome these problems? Here are some tips that might help you and your clients and friends be more productive. Read More about Simplifying Email

Will Google Win When Microsoft Kills Office 2000?

microsoft-office-logoMicrosoft (s MSFT) will stop issuing security updates and patches for Microsoft Office 2000 as of June. It’s Microsoft’s policy to support its business software products for up to 10 years after their release, according to ComputerWorld, and then users have to pony up for the latest upgrade if they want to keep their machines secure. For home users, that means a cost of $149.95 for Office 2007. But instead of moving up to Office 2007 or the upcoming Office 2010, I wonder if a significant number of Office users will instead turn to programs such as Google (s GOOG) Apps Docs or Zoho? Read More about Will Google Win When Microsoft Kills Office 2000?

Zoho Mobile Brings Free Apps to More Phones

The Zoho suite of tools includes applications for everything from CRM to spreadsheets to project management. Zoho’s apps are particularly good for collaborative use. While Zoho already offered its applications for use on iPhones (s aapl), it’s now released Zoho Mobile, which extends its applications out to Android (s goog), BlackBerry (s rimm), Windows Mobile (s msft) and Symbian mobile devices.

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Zoho CRM: A Good Option for Web Workers

Zoho CRM LogoCustomer relationship management (CRM) solutions vary, but for the most part they help businesses manage sales leads, accounts, campaigns, forecasts and activities. Most CRM packages tend to be too heavyweight for the sole proprietor, however. They cost a bundle and contain features that most web workers don’t need. Zoho has a relatively simple CRM solution that’s free for up to three users. Although it takes some figuring out, it’s a good option to consider for web workers.
Zoho CRM comes with all the basic CRM functions you’d expect: You can manage campaigns and leads, view reports and dashboards and manage inventory.
Getting Started
It’s best to start at CRM.zoho.com, even if you have an existing Zoho account. At first glance, the application looks overwhelming, especially if it’s the first CRM package you’ve used. Zoho has a useful Getting Started video that gives you a quick overview of the application and makes it feel less threatening.
Everything you need to access appears in the tabs at the top of the screen and the links below them. You can customize most of the reports and dashboards as well as the settings for every tab. Read More about Zoho CRM: A Good Option for Web Workers