PayPal pitches its wider vision for mobile payments

PayPal, which has been a powerhouse in online payments but hasn’t really cracked the market for real-world payments of goods, is starting to show off how it can put all of its components and recent acquisitions together to form a broad tool for mobile payments.

EBay buys Zong to bolster PayPal mobile payments

EBay is getting more serious with its mobile payments ambitions with PayPal, announcing today that it is buying Zong for $240 million. The move bolsters PayPal’s existing payment system and allows it to offer users an additional way to pay via carrier billing.

Zong Brings Payments to Flash, Gaming Consoles and TV Apps

Zong has been a major player in mobile payments, best known for allowing people to bill Facebook Credits purchases to their phone. But the provider sees a bigger audience in payments and is expanding support to Flash, Unity, the mobile web and to interactive TV platforms.

AT&T Tries to Jump-Start Mobile Carrier Billing

AT&T is rolling out a trial of direct carrier billing with Zong, BilltoMobile and Boku. The trial represents the biggest push to date for direct mobile billing, which allows a consumer to buy a product and bill it directly to their wireless bill.

Zong Offers Android Devs In-App Purchasing Tool

Developers looking to make a buck on Android in-app purchases will be heartened to hear that Papaya Mobile is the first to deploy Zong’s in-app payment system for its social gaming platform. The deal opens a new era for Android developers waiting for in-app purchase solutions.

Mobilize 2010: To NFC or Not to NFC

On a panel of mobile payments providers at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2010, everyone was happy to agree that mobile payments are finally getting their day in the sun due to the growth of smartphones, mobile application platforms, and the sheer market size of 5 billion phones.